Brianne Dosier owner of Brightly & Co.

Alright, here's what you want to know...

What's Brightly & Co. really all about?

My name is Brianne and I am the owner, Photographer

& Brand Designer behind Brightly & co.


I help independent business owners customize their visual identities to

be seen, become successful and be a standout in their market.

I do this in a few ways...


Education (Free webinars & workshops, blog posts, newsletter insights, and personal meetings)


Brand Design/Branding Photography (Brand Design creation and intentional Branding Photography)


I help you think through the specifics of your brand, personal branding and/or branding photos. 


Let me guess, you probably fall into one of these 2 categories...


You don't know where to start:

  • How do I attract business? 
  • How do I get photos?
  • What the heck does a brand mean?
  • Is a brand right for me?
  • I just want to talk it out...



You need a brand, but you want to work with someone who truly cares about helping you & your business succeed.

  • You don't want something generic, you want one-on-one attention with a person you can trust.
I've had a lot of jobs, and within them all, one common passion. I love helping others succeed! So, I decided to start my own company focusing solely on helping others succeed and grow their business.

Here's what I do:


I work one-on-one with each client using comprehensive questionnaires, inspiration boards and face-to-face meetings to cultivate your branding & brand design.


I give you the tools you need to successfully market your brand, but be prepared to give it some elbow grease. Building a brand takes work. We'll work together to create the right game plan.

Your visual identity is your very first impression to the outside world and it's my goal to give you & your business the tools you need to show of your unique personality.

My goal is to:

  • Help the self-employed and/or small business owner generate more interest in their business/product by updating their brand with a more cohesive look that attracts the right audience.

  • Be the go-to photographer for your business & family.
  • Educate. I want to help provide the education you need to grow your business and your brand.





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Still interested in learning more about me personally??

Woo hoo!! Well, then keep on reading then!


You made it!


If we haven’t met already, my name is Brianne Dosier, and I’m the Photographer, Brand Designer and Owner behind Brightly & Co. Most days you can find me working from home, I’m a homebody by nature, but I also love going on adventures and taking walks around my neighborhood.

I am mostly known for loving the color teal (and turquoise, or any variation thereof). I’m a little obsessed and everybody knows it, even you now! In fact, just the other day I got the sweetest gift from a friend and client of mine who sent me an entire suite of office supplies ALL in turquoise. I don’t know where she found them, erasers, pencils, sticky notes, etc…but they’re PERFECT! I was so excited.

If you were to ask someone what their experience is like being around me, they would often say it's fun! You’ll even see it in several of my client testimonials, which is AMAZING, because I LOVE having fun. I want my life to be fun, so naturally I want yours to be fun too. I think this is why comedies are my favorite, they allow me to laugh and enjoy life.

My passion is simple. I LOVE seeing professionals grow and take ownership of their life/business. I think it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world to help someone learn and achieve their goals. I’ve always been told I should’ve been a teacher, and now with this business, I can be!! I get so excited to watch someone’s face “get it”. You know that look…perplexed at first and then their eyes grow a little wider and brighter and finally that light bulb clicks on! That’s probably my favorite candid face besides pure, unadulterated, guttural laughter. That’s the best.

The thing I get most fired up about is making a difference. I’ve never been one to stand back on the sidelines when something needed to get done or be changed. I hate the phrase, “it can’t happen” or “it can’t be done” or “impossible”.

“Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'One can't believe impossible things.' 
I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll

This is one of my favorite quotes, followed closely by:

“Impossible things are happening every day.” – Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cinderella

The best part of this business is being given the opportunity to work with professionals who are looking to showcase their business, but they need help reaching their audience visually.

I am grateful for the skills, expertise and passion I possess to help professionals gain the tools and knowledge necessary to show off their awesome business and understand how to do it!

Since starting this business, I’ve had the opportunity to really help make a difference in people’s lives and positively affect their businesses by reaching their audiences visually and encouraging growth!


When I’m not busy working on you can catch me curled up on the couch with my kitty and boyfriend watching 30 Rock, the I.T. Crowd or the Dick Van Dyke show. If we’re not doing that, I’m either out on the town (in my adorable neighborhood with some of the best restaurants in Portland), on an adventure (I love exploring, zip lining and board games) or decorating the house, which of course includes at least some shopping. 

I love spending time with my family and playing with my beautiful little kitty, Lovey. Yes, I am that girl who names her kitty Lovey, but if you met her you would agree.


Still want to know more?

That’s okay by me!


Here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I am a musician, Brianne Kathleen. I had the incredible experience of living in a “creative commune” with several other musicians, painters, writers and philosophers. You want to talk about creativity? Immerse yourself in a pool of creative people and you'll have a never-ending fountain of dreaming...

2. My absolute favorite is, Audrey Hepburn. I love her style and grace and that she was an outspoken introvert, like me!

3. I listen to Ella Fitzgerald and the Andrew’s Sisters more than any other music. They make me so happy and definitely prove that I'm an old soul. 

4. I love being outdoors. I feel such an immense awe and wonder when I look at the natural beauty of a forest, waterfall or the ocean. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed taking it all in that I just cry. Yes, that makes me cry, well that, and Google Commercials.

5. My favorite book of all time is the Chronicles of Narnia – I cheat when I say that, because it’s several books in one collection. I read all of them every year, if I can. C.S. Lewis, to me, is a complete genius and the world he created is one of my absolute favorites to visit. I do a lot of traveling…in books. 


The best way to get to know me is to come hang out on a LIVE broadcast with me, click below to see what I mean...


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