What is Periscope??


Periscope is a free live-streaming mobile app that allows people to air a LIVE broadcast, called a “scope”, from anywhere in real time. Anyone can stream or broadcast live video on their mobile device or online via the Periscope website.

The History of Periscope:

Periscope joined Twitter in January 2015. It was then purchased in March for $100 million and re-launched for iOS devices and in May for Android. Within 10 days it had over 1 million users and by September 2015 it was over 15 million!

Why use Periscope??

It’s one of the most authentic and easy ways to make a personal connection with others and interact in real time. The best thing about LIVE video broadcasting is that it’s un-scripted, real and raw. This is a great opportunity to learn from others, see the world through someone else’s eyes and get to know a person or business far more in depth. It’s also something new and exciting!

I personally LOVE periscope, it’s like a LIVE video podcast. I have learned from business professionals, instantly connected/reconnected with people in a more real and authentic way and gained a new market to grow my own business!

How to set-up Periscope:

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the app

2. Choose between connecting with your Twitter account or creating a brand new account using a phone number

3. Choose your Periscope username

4. Start following other Scopers!


How to watch a Scope:

1. Click the TV to see which of your followers is currently live

2. You can also see your followers’ most recent scopes (from the past 24 hours) in this tab

3. Click the globe icon to see what scopes are LIVE around the world. You can choose between the map view and list view at the top.

4. Once you find a scope that interests you simply click on it to open the scope!


How to Interact with a Scope:

1.      Give hearts! You’ll notice that when you tap your screen during a LIVE scope that hearts appear to the right hand side of your screen. Each person is assigned a color when they join a scope and that becomes the color of your heart. This is the first way to interact with the broadcaster – it’s a way to encourage the person broadcasting and to show them you like what they have to say! (These hearts are how Periscope ranks its top Scopers. The more hearts a Scoper gets, the higher they move up in the Periscope leader board).


2.      You can also comment during a LIVE Scope! All you have to do is click inside the ‘Say Something’ box and start typing out your comment. This is your chat box and both the LIVE broadcaster and other attendees see everyone’s comments. (Keep in mind you only get 72 characters to work with, so keep comments to the point.) You can also respond to other attendees in the chat by clicking on their comment and hitting reply.

a.      ** Side tip ** if the comments are annoying you can also hide them. 

3.      You can find new people to connect with within a Scope. It’s a great way to find new people to follow and interact with.

4.      You can share a Scope to Twitter, Facebook or your Periscope followers.  Click the little person Icon (or Peri-dude) to share during a LIVE Scope or swipe (left for iOS or right for Android).



How to Follow People on Periscope:

When you first open the Periscope app, look for the little 3 person icon in your navigation bar. You can search through people you’ve connected with on Twitter or search for a particular user.

To Download the app: Click here