The Brand Design Package


The truth is, you love your business and you have big goals to grow it even further, but you're feeling a little stuck. Your current brand is not matching the quality of your business and you feel a bit uncomfortable handing out your business cards or directing people to your site. You're at a tipping point where you're ready to attract more clients/customers and raise your prices, but most importantly you want your brand to feel more like you.

In just 4 quick weeks you'll have a professional and unique custom design including; logos, color scheme & patterns, plus a brand style guide, 3 marketing essentials, social media banners and a branding/marketing strategy with action steps to move your business forward.

(Combine with a Lifestyle or Boutique Branding Photography package and receive $200 off.)

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It's time to connect your vision of a more cultivated, polished and cohesive brand that helps you stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal audience.

We're meant to work together if...

  • You're ready to put in the work. Yep, you've got homework with this project.
  • You want the quality of your design to match the quality of your business.
  • You're ready to uplevel and give your business a cohesive & polished look.
  • You believe that having a cohesive, intentional and consistent brand will help you reach your target audience.
  • You want to stay true to you and you believe that the uniqueness of your brand stems from your amazing authenticity. 


Here's what you get:

Brightly & Co. Brand Design for Sugar Sugar PDX

Custom Logo Design

We'll partner together to create a unique & polished design that attracts your ideal audience and helps you stand out from the crowd.  This includes main logo, secondary logo, emblem/favicon, unique color palettes and typography.


Marketing Pieces

We'll work together to choose the best 3 marketing pieces for your business, so your brand stays consistent, cohesive and polished. Here are some examples:

  • Online Marketing: Blog post template, website banner, one-page worksheet/PDF (mailing list opt-in), price guide (limit 3 pages), Instagram promo graphics, testimonial graphics, etc...
  • In-Person Marketing: Business cards, thank you/note cards, packaging design, stickers, loyalty cards, gift certificates, etc...

*Original Illustrator files available upon request (for the person familiar with Illustrator who would like to make future modifications).

Brightly & Co. Marketing pieces Display

Sugar Sugar Signage-01.png

Social Media Profiles

Keep your social media profiles on-brand. I'll create your banner images for your favorite platforms.



Brand Style Guide Manual

As your brand evolves, you will need a brand guide to pass along to an assistant, VA, Web Designer, Copywriter, etc... I help you prepare for these moments by giving you a complete Brand Style Guide Manual.

Brightly & Co. - Sugar Sugar PDX Brand Style Guide

Brightly & Co. Branding Photography

Brand/Marketing Strategy

For 4 weeks I will be helping you create a Brand/Marketing strategy to launch your new brand and keep up interest. This is personalized free coaching throughout the process and your basic strategy will be included inside of your Brand Style Guide Manual.




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See what others are saying...

Prepare to be blown away! This girl has found her calling!!! and working with her is a dream. Not only is she a marketing genius and brilliant designer, she has a system that really works. During her well thought out process she gave 100%. I felt seen and heard. And I found focus and clarity even about who I am as a person... and most importantly what I am doing in this business. It’s wonderfully validating, getting permission to be authentically ME in my business and then on top of all that(!) she creates a beautiful design and campaign that captures that. So amazing. This work we did together will absolutely permeate my whole life.
— Kristin Faus, Real Estate (Brand Design + Branding Photography)
Circular Handout - for printing-04.jpg
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Brianne to create our brand for a new business. Brianne was amazing at really listening to our vision and what we wanted to portray to our audience and went above and beyond to turn our dream into reality. We look forward to a lifelong working relationship with Brightly & Co and would absolutely recommend Brianne to everyone.
— Katie & Zac - Oregon Senior Living Advisors (Brand Design + Branding Photography)


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a-la-carte options?

At this time no.

Can you just make me a logo?

No. A logo is not a brand and I go far more in depth with you to really create a cohesive brand for your business. 

I still don't get it, what is Branding?

Branding is the overall effect. Take for instance a very well known brand like Starbucks. They're branding is convenient (they're everywhere), warm, cozy, comfortable, soft music... you know exactly what you're getting when you walk into Starbucks, and that's branding. Brand design is their logo, color scheme, fonts, patterns, textures, basically the visuals

What's your availability?

I book Brand Design clients at least a few months in advance (sometimes more), so if you're considering Brand Design be prepared to wait a few months. I am unable to take on urgent requests at this time, but if you're anxious to get started be sure you reach out to me and get scheduled into my design queue. Click here to schedule an inquiry call.

Do you provide the original design files?

Upon request. I use Adobe Illustrator to create your designs and if you are familiar with Illustrator I will happily provide the original design files to you. 

I'm just getting started, do I need branding?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is... you can start cultivating your branding without having to pay a designer. Take the time to really think about what you want your business/blog to represent and how you want to make people feel when they see your brand. This takes time to cultivate. When you're first getting started there's still a lot to learn, but if you feel you have a really good understanding of what your business is all about and how you'd like it to be perceived, professional brand design could be a great fit for you.

If you're just getting started and you're looking for a little extra direction, I offer a few mini-group sessions throughout the year to help you cultivate your brand, connect with other lady bosses and get some clarity on how to move your business forward. If a mini-group session is just what you're looking for, click here.


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