who are you listening to?

The voices that say it can’t be done? That you have to do it a certain way? That you’re not cut out for this? That you don’t have what it takes? That being an entrepreneur is too hard? That you don’t have enough (followers, money, time, energy, etc…)?


Whether this voice is your own

or someone else’s…

It’s time to listen to something new.


Hi love! I'm Brianne, the head encourager at Brightly & Co.,  and I’m a Life & Business Guidance Coach for female entrepreneurs. (In other words, I’m your Yoda).

I've been where you are, feeling alone, freaked out, nervous that you’re going to fail miserably, and beating yourself up about it.

 Brightly Immersive Mastermind - Disneyland 2018

Brightly Immersive Mastermind - Disneyland 2018

Running a business is tough, emotional, lonely, doubtful, courageous, bold and incredibly brave. Whether you started a few years ago or just yesterday, you need to:

  • Connect with others (and yourself).

  • Get Clarity on what matters most (clear the clutter).

  • Build Your Confidence to take intentional action on your dreams.

Heck yes and high five! Let's make this a reality. 


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What others are saying...
Working with Brianne as a business coach is like having a meaningful conversation with your best friend who also happens to be a business genius. She has the ability to dive deep during coaching sessions and tap into my personal strengths, even ones I haven’t identified. After identifying those strengths she has helped me leverage them for my business and brand in a way that has made my business stronger, more profitable, and more uniquely me - which has helped set my business apart in a saturated market.
— Sara - EarlGreyandPolkaDots.com
Working with Brianne was one of the most amazing experiences. She really helped me understand marketing to your target audience and why you need to show up in this way. Her zone of genius is in helping you really drill down to who you are, how you need to show up and how best to do that, it’s unparallelled with others that I have worked with and seen.
— Kristy Maffit - KristyMaffit.com
I found myself at a crossroads where I was not only questioning my purpose, but my personal ability to create content that would positively benefit our customers...Working with Brianne, I was able to narrow down ideas, re-discover the confidence in my purpose and believe in myself again. She gave me daily tasks that helped organize the daily odd’s and in’s of the business...but most importantly, I was reminded that being an entrepreneur means constant change in order to see our dreams grow.
— Dina - sixchelbydinachavez.com

Let's build your

Courage & Confidence

You're making that big, bold dream happen! I know it's scary, but click below and I'll share all my #realtalk and encouragement (#RealCouragement) directly with you to help.

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