How does 1:1 coaching work?


Step 1

Complete your coaching form below and we’ll set-up a 30 minute business breakthrough call.


Step 2

We'll meet via video (you choose your meeting dates) every other week and each week you'll bring to the table whatever is on your mind, heart and agenda.


Step 3

I’ll help you focus in on what REALLY matters to you and we’ll set you up with 90 day goals and start breaking down how to make those BIG dreams happen. P.S. You get unlimited support from me during this time.

Here’s what you get with 1:1 online coaching:


  • 3, 6 or 12 months of coaching, so you can get the guidance, clarity and accountability you need to keep taking action and not get sidetracked (neither by shiny objects or your doubt).

  • 60 minute calls every other week, so you can take the weeks in between to implement!

  • Accountability check-ins (via Vox), as necessary or upon request. These are great if there's a certain project you're working on - I will gladly help hold you accountable to get it done.

  • Unlimited support via Vox & Email throughout ALL the weeks, so you don’t ever have to feel stuck.

  • Unlimited content reviews (this includes things like sales pages, welcome series, emails, blog posts, etc...)

  • Full access to my library of resources (this includes guides, worksheets, and any upcoming e-courses)

  • Custom reading/listening & resources list, depending on your needs this could include podcast episodes, books, videos, software, etc... that will help you get the clarity & growth you're looking for.

  • Recap emails after our meetings, (so you don’t have to remember everything we discuss all on your own).

  • A private shared Google Drive folder, so you can share any and all of your current projects with me to look over and so I can share any of my resources with YOU that I know will help you on this journey.


Plus, you’ll also get:

  • The support, encouragement, clarity and confidence you need to progress in your business. <wink>

  • The business partner you need to walk alongside you, support you, guide you, challenge you and hold you accountable as you pursue your passions and dreams.


Your success is not out of reach, you're more ready than you think. 


What's it like to work with me?

“If you’re looking for a coach who truly cares about the individual behind a business, stop looking- you’ve found her! Aside from her never-ending wealth of knowledge about branding and growing businesses, Brianne has the most genuine, kind and encouraging energy about her- I’ve never had to doubt that she has my best interests at heart. Because she’s taken the time to get to know me as a person, the guidance she gives is very personalized and feels authentic to myself and my brand- none of this “one size fits all” business advice. Brianne instills a sense of confidence that helps me know I am making the right decisions for my business that will lead me to my own personal vision of success.
She has the skill and perspective to take any challenge or weakness and turn it into an opportunity for growth. I love that I can come to her overwhelmed with those difficult questions and situations that I’m not sure how to handle, and come away from our conversations with the clarity of a well-defined plan of action (not to mention an incredible renewal of motivation!). Anyone who runs their own business knows that it can be filled with times of self-doubt, discouragement, and just plain exhaustion. Working with Brianne has been instrumental in keeping myself moving forward!”
— McKenna - McKenna Rachelle Photography
Working with Brianne as a business coach is like having a meaningful conversation with your best friend who also happens to be a business genius. She has the ability to dive deep during coaching sessions and tap into my personal strengths, even ones I haven’t identified. After identifying those strengths she has helped me leverage them for my business and brand in a way that has made my business stronger, more profitable, and more uniquely me - which has helped set my business apart in a saturated market.
— Sara -
Working with Brianne was one of the most amazing experiences. She really helped me understand marketing to your target audience and why you need to show up in this way. Her zone of genius is in helping you really drill down to who you are, how you need to show up and how best to do that, it’s unparallelled with others that I have worked with and seen.
— Kristy Maffit -



want some more options to work with me??


  • The Brightly Immersive Mastermind this is my high-end exclusive Mastermind + Retreat. If you're looking for your place to belong, grow your business and grow yourself - this is it. The Brightly Immersive Mastermind is a small, intimate experience that will lead you to your true self. Welcome home love. (learn more)

  • The Half-Day Intensive. This is a 3-4 hour brainstorm session. This Intensive is best used to get clarity, help with a specific business processes/system, marketing strategy, brand audit and/or business plan. (learn more)

  • The Full-Day VIP Intensive. This is the VIP treatment. A 1-day in-person retreat with me in Portland, OR. I will spend the day with you to work on your business, put you up in an adorable AirBnB, treat you to lunch and a massage! This is the VIP coaching experience at it's finest. (learn more)



and just who am i?

Brianne of Brightly & Co.

If you haven’t already mosied over to my About page yet, I know you’re probably wondering who the heck I am...

Hi love! I’m Brianne, an encouraging business guidance coach who specifically loves helping creative women make their dreams become reality and transform their lives.

For years I struggled to be in the corporate world. Moving my way up the proverbial ladder and always wishing I could do my own thing...but my own thing seemed so far off. 

When I finally felt the nudge (at an HR conference with my boss sitting right next to me… #awkward) to start my own business, I knew it could truly happen, I just didn’t know how. So I read EVERYTHING, I got on Pinterest and read all the blogs posts I could, I downloaded every freebie I could find, I joined groups, bought lots of e-courses and the perfect planner…

But it was WORK. There are so many resources out there and so much to do. I felt lost, frustrated, overwhelmed and also really tired…

I know you know what I'm talking about.


Now that I’m a few years in, my passion has transformed. I started in photography & brand design and that was helping with one part of the business, but my business coaching/mentorship was actually helping transform lives! I knew that to help guide others, encourage, support and challenge them to do more than they thought possible was my gift.

And I’m a little biased...

Since I am a creative woman on a mission to create and grow my business, that’s exactly who I love to help. Why? Because I am you. So now, I bring my brand knowledge, all of my business learnings and findings and I help you create, grow and transform your business (and life). ;)


P.S. When I’m not nerding out over brand experiences, processes/systems and mindset shifts...I love to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, snuggle my little kitty and watch Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, Hallmark, Disney or Harry Potter.



Frequently asked questions

What others usually ask first, before they apply:



What is exactly is a business (and life) guidance coach?

A business guidance coach is what I call myself, because I take the skills and approach of both a coach and a mentor. A coach is short term while a mentor is more long term (and I’m right in the middle). Technically a coach is there to help you develop specific skills and a mentor has a deep personal interest in you and your long term development. I combine these two approaches, hence I am a Business Guidance Coach - both there to help you develop new specific skills that further your business and to come alongside you on your journey to help you cultivate long term progress with someone who’s invested in you.



I call myself a business guidance coach, because I take the skills and approach of both a coach and a mentor. A coach is short term while a mentor is more long term (and I’m right in the middle). Technically a coach is there to help you develop specific skills and a mentor has a deep personal interest in you and your long term development. I combine these two approaches, to make a more well-rounded approach to your business and personal development. 


How do I know if I’m ready for a business coach?

If you’re tired of piecemealing freebies together to create your business development and you’re ready for more personalized guidance rather than a mass one-size-fits-all kind of learning. If you’re ready to be pushed past your comfort zone, be held accountable to take real action, be encouraged and supported when you feel weighed down and get some clarity and direction on how to move forward...then you’re ready for a guidance coach.


I’m trying to make smart investments in my business right now...and this is definitely an investment.

Oh trust me, I understand the money struggle… but when I hired my first business coach, this is the question I asked myself:

What kind of financial impact could a business coach have on my business?

As a business guidance coach, I’ll come alongside you to help you utilize your own incredible strengths and authenticity to grow your business.

Transformations don’t happen overnight, but you usually need a guide of some sort to see that they’re happening. <wink> That’s where I come in.


I already have so few hours in the day, what’s the time commitment for coaching?

We will meet via video every other week for one hour (no makeup required). The weeks in between are implementation weeks, but you have unlimited support during our time together. So in other words, the time commitment is really up to you.


What’s your refund policy?

Any payments made toward your coaching are non-refundable. However, I believe in open and honest conversation, so if something isn’t working let me know right away. Remember, I’m here for YOU.


How do I pay you?

Super easy! Click the button below to fill out your application so we can meet (via video or phone) to make sure we’re an awesome fit. After that you will receive an agreement and invoice from me through my client management system Dubsado. You can choose to pay in full or do the normal monthly payment plan.


Are you taking new clients now?

Yes! But, I need to warn you that I take on a limited number of clients per year (only 12). Clients are added to my calendar on a first come, first served basis. So that could mean you may have to start coaching a few months from when you sign up. During your free coaching call (after you apply) we can discuss these details or you can email me at


I still have questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Feel free to email me at and allow me up to 48 hours to reply. I would love to hear from you and help answer any questions you may have.