Fall Photo Session

Freels Family Photos

I feel so lucky to live in Oregon. Most people would think that being a photographer in Oregon is really difficult given the weather...it often is, but I won't lie - I love it. The best lighting is when it's overcast outside and I think the clouds and rain can make the most magical photos. PLUS, I love the excuse to use a cute umbrella in photos. :)

Hanging out with these two was too much fun. They have a great story to share and I loved capturing some of these special moments. Enjoy a sneak peek of my latest family photography session and the last one of 2015!!

Fall Family Photos - Crume & Stufflebeam

Fall Family Photos - Crume & Stufflebeam

There's a certain kind of angelic light that can only be found when sunbeams directly hit your camera lens. This light happens to be my absolute favorite!  It's slightly unpredictable, completely natural and adds a level of romance and beauty to every image.

This light happened to fall on the 2 awesome families I photographed this last weekend. Having recently gone through some complications with their new baby girl, this light seemed to shine down from heaven on this sweet family, and I'm so excited to share with you a little preview of the day! 

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Rose Family | Fall Photo Session

Rose Family | Fall Photo Session

I had the best time with this adorable family! Fall was in the air, and the weather was perfect. Overcast with delightful moments of sunshine breaking through at the perfect times during our session.

These 3 boys, including twins, had so much creativity and energy! It might've been hard to keep them in one place, but they were a ton of fun and gave me so much to work with. I love moving around and taking photos from every angle, so we were a great team. 

Alright, are you ready to take a sneak peek into the Rose Family Fall Photo Session? Here are a few of my favorites... ending with the best treat - Hot Apple Cider!