3-Week Branding Intensive Workshop

(Begins March 1st)


How to Build your Brand, when you’re not sure where to start.

Let’s remove the overwhelm and grow your business


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Have you been hearing the word Branding thrown around a lot lately? You see people talking about it left and right, but you’re struggling to just keep your business afloat.


You’ve got a business you LOVE and whether you’ve had it for years or you’re hoping to launch soon, maybe you just can’t quite afford to work with a Brand Designer/Strategist yet and so you feel stuck. You’re still anxious to develop a brand around your business that helps you stand out, but you’re really not sure where to start.

You really want to grow your business this year.


  • But, you feel all over the place, completely disjointed and, in your eyes, your business looks like a hot mess.
  • You’re embarrassed that you don’t have it more together, because you know your business is AWESOME.

You are not alone my friend.


The word Branding is being thrown around like confetti these days, but it’s rarely defined.

You want more clarity in your business, a better process for your clients and/or marketing and a cohesive experience from start to finish.


This is something you can do! (And you don’t need a designer to help you).


Now, if you know me that probably sounds crazy because I am a Brand Designer. But here’s the truth, there’s a time in business when it’s necessary to hire a Brand Designer, but there’s also a time where it’s necessary to hash it out on your own.


  • Maybe you’ve just been hoping for someone to walk you through the steps.

  • Maybe you’ve been thinking you can figure out this Branding thing on your own, but then got stuck and need some feedback.

  • Maybe you just have some questions, but haven’t been sure who to ask.


I understand, and I’m completely aware that not everyone can afford to hire me for 1:1 time. So I wanted to give you another option. A DIY option. A way for you to take that frustration of not knowing where to start and channeling it into a guided and action filled …. 3-Week Branding Intensive.

This 3-week intensive workshop is where you’ll learn how to start branding your business in a streamlined way, that eliminates your confusion and provides you with clear action steps.


Here’s how it works:


  • For three weeks we will meet LIVE via the onlines in a video workshop environment. For the first 45 minutes I will share with you a new training and action steps for you to work on throughout the week.


  • Each week we’ll all meet together on a specified day to discuss the latest training, your accountability and struggles with the action steps and any questions you may have.


  • This intensive gives you uninterrupted time with me to ask questions, but even better than that it gives you a community of people to help support you and answer questions as well.


  • “Hot Seats” will be available - for you to ask specific questions while we all take a look at your Branding on screen.


What will you be learning/developing?

  • Your Brand’s Purpose

  • Your Mission Statement and your Elevator Pitch

  • Your Ideal Audience

  • Your Brand’s Character/Tone

  • Your Brand’s Look

  • Your Client/Customer Experience

  • Your overall Brand Strategy


Who is this Branding intensive for?

  • This 3-Week Branding Intensive is for the self-starter who wants a more intentional and cohesive experience with their brand/business.


  • This is for the entrepreneur who wants to develop a brand around their business that helps them stand out.


  • This is for the independent contractor who’s feeling overwhelmed by a lack of clarity in their business.


  • This is for the business owner wishing they had a better system/process to keep them organized.


  • This is for the burgeoning entrepreneur who plans to launch their business within a year.


Who’s not ready for this Branding intensive?

  • This 3-week Branding Intensive is not for the faint of heart. Creating a cohesive, well thought-out and intentional brand takes a significant amount of time. We are only meeting 3 times over the course of 3-weeks, so after that time, the rest will be up to you.


  • You’re not ready for this Branding Intensive if you hate putting in the work.


  • You’re not ready for this Branding Intensive if you’d rather just have someone else do it, this is when you need to a hire a brand designer.


  • You’re not ready for this Branding Intensive if you don’t have a business yet and no plans for one in the near future.


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What others are saying...

I found focus and clarity even about who I am as a person... and most importantly what I am doing in this business.
— Kristin Faus
Brianne was amazing at really listening to our vision and what we wanted to portray to our audience and went above and beyond to turn our dream into reality.
— Katie & Zac Metzker
Brianne’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She has a kind of spark that motivates everyone around her, and she constantly radiates her genuine interest in people and her desire to help them succeed.
— Laura Henderson

Ready to join the 3-Week Branding Intensive Workshop?