brave fear bootcamp

Embrace your fear and make it happen!

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Is there something you’ve been wanting to get done?

But it keeps not happening…

Every time you start to work towards it - you’re drenched in the doubt, uncertainty, unknown and overall overwhelm of trying to figure out HOW to make it happen.

That big beautiful dream, project, goal, vision that you have for yourself feels “too big” and frankly impossible most days.


We are the ones that get in our own way...

and instead of trying to climb that preverbal mountain, I’m going to help you discover the already unlocked door.


The Brave Fear Bootcamp is a 4-Week intensive (+ Mini-Mastermind)

...offering you the support, accountability and action you need to get it DONE!

  • No more excuses.

  • No more playing small.

  • No more procrastination.

Together we’re going to Brave Fear and make it happen.

Are you in?



    • You will have stepped into your Brave Fear and taken action on your goal/dream/vision/project!
    • You will have discovered that you are capable of achieving FAR more than you originally thought possible.
    • You will gain momentum, clarity and extreme focus!
    • You will learn how to harness the power of fear. 
    • You will be one GIANT step closer to your goal/dream/vision (if you haven't already accomplished it - which could very well be the case for you). ;)



    • Accountability and Support through your very own "Mini-Mastermind" to help you accomplish your goal.
      • No one gets lost in the shuffle, left behind or unnoticed in this bootcamp.
    • Complete focus on the one project/goal/dream/vision you want to make happen.
    • Action steps every single day during our bootcamp, and tracking/celebrating your results.
      • Be ready for some "homework" assignments to keep you moving forward.
    • Weekly lessons and motivation from me.
    • BONUS: The opportunity to work with me 1:1 (at over a 70% discount!) and get your own personalized plan in place to make this happen.



    • Our very own private pop-up FB Group.

    • 4 weekly lessons from me (FB LIVE), with plenty of Q&A time.
    • 4 weekly homework assignments (these aren’t fluff assignments, this is BOOTCAMP, we’re getting the work DONE - so be prepared).
    • 4 weekly meetings with your Mini-Mastermind (meetings will be scheduled by your group and I will assign a group leader. If you apply to be a group leader, and are chosen, you’ll receive a $20 gift card as a special thank you! - yes, that means you're getting paid to lead your group! Woo hoo! Your opportunity to apply will come in your confirmation email after you've signed up for Bootcamp.)
    • Weekly accountability check-in - each week you will have to account for what you’ve accomplished that week, and with only 4 weeks available in this Bootcamp - each week really counts.
      • We will celebrate with you, encourage you, support you and motivate you.
    • Each week I will pop into one of the groups and answer your questions and talking through specific hurdles, barriers and blocks.



    Week 1: BRAVE FEAR - Declare, Envision, Outline & First Steps

    Week 2: The number 1 key to success - Belief in yourself.

    Week 3: What to do when you feel the resistance.

    Week 4: Setting your priorities - what matters and what doesn’t.


    Ready to take some brave action?

    Brianne of Brightly & Co. Business Guidance Coach

    Hi there, I'm Brianne!

    My mission in life is to help rebel-heart creative gals take action on their dreams and create a business and life that they adore.


    You know the big "Someday" idea that you have sitting in the back of your mind collecting mind attic dust?



    I'm a professional business bestie and I'm here to help you build a business that transforms your life.

    I seriously LOVE my job and I want to give you the biggest hug right now and get you back on track to loving who are you, living that out in your business and embracing your big dreams.

    I work with creativepreneur gals, like you, who are looking for some support, guidance, accountability, direction, connection, clarity and CONFIDENCE to make those scary-awesome big “someday” dreams of yours a reality.

    Who knows, right now, you may just want to make the dishes happen - and a nap....



    • How does this training work? This is a LIVE 4-Week group training via video, Facebook + Mini-Mastermind group for support.


    • How do I know if this is for me? This is perfect for the person who is having trouble getting something started. You have a project, idea, dream, vision, goal.... but you just can't seem to get out of your own head and make it happen. You WANT to get it done, but you can tell that something keeps stopping you, plus you feel pretty fearful of it....ALL the whatifs pop into your brain the minute you take any action or step towards this goal.


    • What's your return policy? Since this is a LIVE and interactive group training. There are no returns or exchanges available.


    • What if I can't make it to the LIVE training? Don't worry! Replays will be available for every training, even beyond the scope of the 4-Weeks.


    • Do you have a payment plan? Since this is only a 4-Week Bootcamp, payment plans are not available for this short time frame.


    • What if my dream feels TOO big? Perfect! There's no time to start like the present, and that's what this 4-week Bootcamp aims to do. Get the ball rolling, the momentum going and get you tapping into your bravery skills so you can make this BIG dream a reality (because you truly can).


    • What if I've already been taking action, but now I'm just stuck? Then I couldn't recommend this Brave Fear Bootcamp more... we will get you unstuck. No more spinning wheels, just dedicated and intentional action. Each week you will be one (or quite a few more) steps closer to your goal. 


    • What if I want to be a team leader in my Mini-Mastermind group? AWESOME! I LOVE that you're taking the initiative. After you sign up for Bootcamp, I will send you a confirmation email with the link to the leader application. All you have to do is fill out that application and then wait to hear from me whether or not you've been chosen. Application deadline is May 19th. 


    • How do I get the bonus 1:1 session with you? After you sign up for the Bootcamp, you'll be given an opportunity to add your 1:1 time with me on the Confirmation/Thank you page. This deal is over 70% off of my normal rate, and is only available to Bootcampers as an added bonus (and appreciation gift). :)

    Alright, it's decision time.

    Are you ready to take some Brave action?