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Artwork reveal! Feel free to share with your buds.

Artwork reveal! Feel free to share with your buds.


The Brave Fear Podcast aims to reframe how we experience fear and inspire brave action through storytelling

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it's time to reframe how we experience fear…

Everyone is afraid of something, I’ll bet you can think of at least one thing you’ve not done because of fear.

I’m Brianne Wik and this is the Brave Fear Podcast.

You could call me a fear expert, because I’ve lived in fear for almost 3 decades. I’ve been afraid of not being pretty enough, cool enough, successful enough or even not worthy enough. Since I’ve started working as a Life Coach & Business Strategist, I’ve noticed that fear is the biggest thing holding people back and I think it’s time to reframe how we experience fear.

In this podcast we’ll dive deep into fear through stories, that will inspire, motivate and empower you to take Brave Action right alongside those fears.


In this podcast, we're talking real life, personal GROWTH, and more.

Here's a peek into what you can expect!

  • Bite sized solo-sodes (15-30 minutes in length - perfect for a quick break or workout).

  • A new episode every other week.

  • Relevant topics - we'll be talking through all the fears that stop you from living your best life.

  • Truth, insights and takeaways to help you take Brave action today.

  • Deep discussions with amazing guests to really help you get to the root of your fears and begin to work through them.

  • Silly and deep - just like we were sitting across from each other enjoying a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer)

  • Plus even more!


Brave Fear with Brianne Wik.jpg

I'm so excited to officially be launching this podcast. You might not believe this, but I've put off starting the Brave Fear Podcast because of... fear.

But in the last year, it's been really obvious that this is my next step, and I can't wait to share not only my story, but the stories of others to help us ALL Brave our fears.

I believe it's time we reframe how we experience fear, and take brave action right alongside those fears. It's time to stop letting fear dictate our lives and take back the control.

My vision is to help you feel motivated, inspired and empowered after every episode to take Brave action and change your life for the better. Every episode will feel like a relatable conversation, and I hope more than one time you actually say out loud, "me too!".

If you want to tune in, be sure to get on the email list so I can keep you in the loop and once it's officially launched be sure to subscribe!

Brianne Wik - Life/Business Guidance Coach • Founder of Brave Fear

Sneak peek of upcoming shows...

  • The fear of joy.

  • Guest story: Almost dying.

  • The process of forgiveness.

  • Guest story: Moving beyond the fear of rejection.

  • What is Brave Fear?

  • Guest story: Facing the fear of extreme guilt.

  • The fear of marriage.

  • Using fear as a tool for success.

  • Facing the fear of judgement.

  • Anxiety and Panic.

  • Witnessing your fear.

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