This Mastermind really stood out because of the intimate experience of really delving figure out our hearts desires and big dreams and then also providing the deliverable action steps to get there.
— Kristy Maffit - Author & Spirit Guide

This is not your typical

business Mastermind.


You will radically shift your current perspectives.

You will move through your fears.

You will breakthrough your own limitations.


Are you ready for your breakthrough year?


build a business focused on what matters

push past your own limitations and embrace...

  • Who you truly are
  • Your incredible dreams
  • Your version of success
  • Your confidence
  • Your inner strength
  • New life-long friendships
  • Accountability
  • Your need to break the mold
  • Your confidence
  • Your desire to learn & grow


What if instead of countless hours staring at your screen, scrolling through social media or downloading ALL of the freebies... you had a small, select group of women in your corner to encourage you, lift you up, keep you accountable and share in your highs & lows.

you don't have

to do it alone


It's time for a Mastermind that's designed to challenge your business, cultivate lifelong friendships & bring your dreams to life.

6-months of Masterminding with like-minded women, customized goal setting, practical takeaways and vulnerable moments.

3-day in-person immersive retreat at an innovative and outstanding brand, you choose Disneyland or Magnolia Market, to learn from and create your own amazing brand experience.

Accountability from your group to actually get "ish" done! Giving you the motivation you need to accomplish more.

Confidence & clarity to price your services/products, tackle that limiting belief and go for that big dream. 

Brianne of Brightly & Co. - Business Guidance Coach to creative entrepreneurs

Hi Love! I'm Brianne,

And I created this Mastermind to provide all of the above, because after years of sitting behind my computer screen - searching, studying, straining, throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall - I was feeling so tired of trying to do it all by myself. I needed support, encouragement, accountability, someone to challenge me, people to celebrate with me or to confide in on the extra tough days...

I searched for Masterminds that provided this, but came up short. Everything was either "you've gotta be making multiple six-figures to join" or "there's only these specific pre-planned lessons each week" or "you may not get your business reviewed specifically, but you'll learn from others" ... ugh. There are wonderful lessons and great growth available through all of these - but I wanted CONNECTION. I was longing for my own tribe, to be heard, to be seen and to be understood.


I knew if I needed this,

others needed it too.



Here's what Brightly Immersive alums have to say:

This experience was intensely vulnerable in a way that allowed me to really see past my own “put on” limitations and see my infinite potential.
— Sara Pietila - Earl Grey & Polka Dots
This Mastermind really stood out because of the intimate experience of really delving figure out our hearts desires and big dreams and then also providing the deliverable action steps to get there.
— Kristy Maffit - Author & Spirit Guide

The 2018 Masterminds are currently sold out. 

Click the button below to be the first to know when the doors open for 2019!


Who is this Mastermind for?

The Brightly Immersive Mastermind is for driven, supportive, and inspiring creative gals who are ready push past their limiting beliefs, embrace their true self, upgrade their mindset and take their business/brand to the next level.

This isn’t the kind of Mastermind where you need to have all your ducks in a row - that’s what this group will help you with - but you do need to have a business, already created. Both service, product based businesses are welcome.


How do you know if you're the right fit for this mastermind?

  • You love blazing your own path.
  • You're tired of being stuck in the "shoulds"
  • You're tired of doubting yourself and your abilities.
  • You're ready to move past your limiting beliefs.
  • You love innovation and wonder.
  • You enjoy pushing your own boundaries.


PREREQUISITES to join this Mastermind:

  • You must be open to new (and differing) ideas.
  • You must treat everyone in your group with respect and kindness.
  • You must be honest with yourself and others.
  • You must be giving by sharing your knowledge with others (stinginess will not be accepted here).



what makes the Brightly Immersive Mastermind unique:


  • It’s by APPLICATION only. That way each group can be procured to be the right fit.

  • This is a SMALL group, because small groups make better connections and bigger transformations. (The limit for each group is 4-5 people MAX.)

  • This is a HIGH-END mastermind, without the high-end ($10k) price-point, because I wish I’d had this kind of affordable quality support when I was first building my business.

  • You’re going to get a 3-Day IN-PERSON destination retreat as well as your bi-weekly meetings, because being in-person will solidify relationships and grow your level of love and support for your fellow Masterminders to the next level. (This retreat alone is the most life-changing part - and it’s only one part!).

  • The destination retreat will be held at either Disneyland or Magnolia Market, so that we can IMMERSE ourselves into an amazing brand and dissect it from the inside out. This is a powerful (and fun) workshop that we’ll do all together while enjoying a day out taking in all these brands have to offer.

  • We’re going to dive deep into your BRAND, because it’s not a business that makes you money - it’s your brand that makes you money. So let’s take your brand to the next level, shall we?

  • At the retreat, we don’t just do new “headshots” you get a whole new set of BRANDING PHOTOS, because your brand is so important and the imagery that you showcase is a huge part of that.

  • You’re going to get personalized GUEST SPEAKERS that are relevant to your group and what YOU need to learn specifically.

  • Each person will get their own HEART-SEAT time at our bi-weekly meetings, so that you can express what’s on your heart and allow the group to support, love, encourage and share their knowledge with you.

  • For all the other days, we get a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, so that you can share anything that’s on your heart (or agenda), get feedback, support and encouragement, etc…

  • 6 months worth of ACCOUNTABILITY, because this group is going to be all up in your business, in the best way possible, and making sure that you’re getting done what you need/want to first. (Remember no shiny-object-syndrome here).

  • Continued EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, because running a business is 10% about the strategy and 90% about the emotional support. You are not alone.

  • Together we’ll FACE FEARS, acknowledge limiting beliefs and breakdown mental blocks, so that you can start moving forward in your business (and life) with ease.


How does it work?

Step 1:

Complete your Mastermind application (opening soon) and we’ll set-up a phone chat to talk more specifically about where you’re at and why you’d like to be a part of this Mastermind. Each group is limited to 4 people and I will only be hosting 2 Mastermind groups this year. 

I’ll be cultivating groups according to like-needs, personality types, retreat destination & scheduling preference, plus good old fashioned intuition. I take the time to actually talk to you so that I can create the best possible Mastermind groups.

Step 2:

You'll hear from me directly to know whether or not you've been selected  and/or which group you’ll be in. In your application you will let me know if you'd prefer to start in March or June.

A $500 non-refundable retainer reserves your spot and as a group we will choose our meeting day/time (it will be the same every other week) and choose the specific dates for our retreat. 


Step 2:

We get to Masterminding! We'll meet every other week for 90 minutes. Heart-seat days will be chosen for each member of the group.

After 3-Months of video chats, we’ll get together for our in-person immersive retreat! This will be such a life-changing experience, because you will have had the time to get to know each other FIRST before meeting in person! Then we’ll finish up our last 3 months of video chats - this is when you’ll really start to see the transformations taking place. 

Branding Photo Shenanigans at the Brightly Immersive Mastermind - Photo by Katie Grace Photography.jpg

What else can you expect from this mastermind experience?

You will Experience:

(The Details)


  • A 3-Day In-Person Destination Retreat, so that you can build an even better connection with your fellow Mastermind members and build an unforgettable brand. (All food, lodging and transportation to and from our brand destination are covered. Flight not included). (valued at over $6,000)

  • 6-Months of group masterminding time, so that you can get the support, feedback, accountability, encouragement, connection, clarity and confidence you need to make big transformations happen in your business (and life). (valued at $3,000)

  • 90 minute calls every other week, so you can take the weeks in between to implement!

  • Daily unlimited support from your group through ALL the weeks, so you don’t ever have to feel stuck or alone.

  • A private Facebook Group to connect in between calls, share, get feedback and support.


Plus you’ll also get:

  • An extensive (30+ page) workbook at the retreat to help you digest everything we’ll go over and remember/reference it in the future, so that we can eliminate that “stuck” feeling. ;) (valued at $197)

  • A 45-minute branding photo session at the in-person immersive retreat, provided by the wonderful (and adorable) Katie Grace. (valued at over $2,500)

  • Special Guest Speakers (TBA) specific to the groups needs, throughout these 7 months. (These will be special events and will not take away from your Mastermind time). (valued at over $1,500)


Extra BONUS time!

  • You will also receive two 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls with me, with an option to upgrade to a VIP status with 1:1 coaching available throughout the entire Mastermind . (valued at $950+)

  • AND you’ll get even more surprises throughout your 6 months (that I can’t tell you about yet!). (value - Priceless… no not really these things cost money, but they’re super exciting!)



This mastermind experience contains ALL of this

valued at over $15K

(But you pay less than half that!)




What’s the experience like?

“I’ve gone through so much in the past year, and working with these women, through the Brightly Immersive Mastermind, was truly life-changing. I went from not knowing what my focus is or what to do, to instead pursuing my ultimate dream (that I’ve had my whole life) of opening up my own bookstore (coming soon!). I’m so grateful for this Mastermind because it helped me realize my own dream, but more importantly, it helped me realize that my dream is just as important as anyone else’s dream.”
— Stacy Millican - The Novel Life

The Masterminds are

sold out

for 2018!

Don't miss out on next year though, be the first to apply for 2019.


The Brightly Immersive Mastermind is set-up very intentionally to help you get the most confidence, connection and clarity out of your 7-Month time frame.

For the first 3-Months we’ll meet via video as a group. During this time we’ll get to know each other and start to break down barriers. Each person will have their Heart-Seat time and we’ll dive deeper into each of our individual struggles.

Then we’ll have our Immersive Retreat Experience. Right in the middle of our Mastermind! This will solidify your friendships and be the most transformational part of the entire mastermind. 

After our wonderful immersive retreat, we'll meet for another 3 months to keep each other on track with our goals, dreams and visions of the future.


what’s the investment?

for this 6-Month Immersive Mastermind



You have 3 payment options:


Option 1:

The 3-Month Payment Plan

$500 non-refundable retainer

* Then 3 equal payments of $1,700/month


Option 2:

The One Time Payment Plan

of $5,500

Best Value


Option 3:

The 6-Month Payment Plan

$500 non-refundable retainer

* Then 6 equal payments of $875/month

* By choosing this option, you’re agreeing to paying on time each month

and you acknowledge that payment plans include additional fees.


Only 4-5 spots

available per group

These spots will be filled by application only, but they will also fill up quickly.

...Get on the waitlist for 2019 and don't miss out...


Okay, are you ready?!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


your mastermind guide:

Brianne dosier

If you haven’t already mosied over to my About page, I know you’re probably wondering who the heck I am!

Hi love, I’m Brianne, an encouraging business guidance coach who specifically loves helping creative women make their dreams become reality and transform their lives.

For years I struggled to be in the corporate world. Moving my way up the proverbial ladder and always wishing I could do my own thing...but my own thing seemed so far off. A pipe dream.

When I finally felt the nudge (at an HR conference with my boss sitting right next to me… #awkward) to start my own business, I knew it could truly happen, I just didn’t know how. So I read EVERYTHING, I got on Pinterest and read all the blogs posts I could, I downloaded every freebie I could find, I joined groups, bought lots of e-courses and the perfect planner…

But it was WORK. There are so many resources out there and so much to do. I felt lost, frustrated, overwhelmed and also really tired…

You know.


Now that I’m a few years in, my passion has transformed. I started in photography & brand design and that was helping with one part of the business, but my business coaching/mentorship was actually helping transform lives! I knew that to help guide, encourage, support and challenge others to do more than they thought possible was my gift.

And I’m a little biased. Since I am also a creative woman on a mission to create and grow my business, that’s exactly who I love to help. Why? Because I am you... I’ve been there (still am some days!), I know all too well your doubts, fears and the emotional roller coaster you ride each day. So now, I bring my brand knowledge, my passion to transform businesses and all of my continuing education to help you create, grow and transform your business (and life). ;)

When I’m not nerding out over brand experiences, processes/systems and mindset shifts...I love to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, snuggle my little kitty and watch Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, Hallmark, Disney or Harry Potter.


Frequently asked questions:

Your questions, answered...


Want some more specific details on the retreat? (I would too...)

  • Timeframe: 3 days / 4 nights - Monday-Thursday

  • Where: Anaheim, CA (Disneyland) or Waco, Tx (Magnolia Market) 

  • When: TBA for 2019

  • What’s included:

    • Your lodging

    • Your Food - snacks included (no one will feel hangry here) ;)

    • Transportation provided to Magnolia Market and/or Disneyland (* Disneyland tickets provided)

    • 45 min. Branding Photo Session

    • Workbook to take home and take immediate action

    • “Heart-seat” time for you to talk about your business, struggles, dreams, ideas, etc...

    • plus even more surprises & goodies….

  • * A Note for my introverted gals:

    • You may have to share a room, but you will not have to share a bed. ;) You will also be provided with downtime and private spaces to recoup and decompress as needed.



What if I’ve never participated in a Mastermind before?

That’s 100% a-okay. I’ll be leading the group and walking you through exactly what to expect. You do not have to have participated in a Mastermind before or received business coaching to be in the Brightly Immersive Mastermind.

The important thing to know about a Mastermind is that you get out of it as much as you put into it. If you join this group with an open and willing heart, you will reap the benefits and experience a transformation unlike you’ve experienced before.


Which is better for me? The Mastermind or 1:1 coaching?

That’s a great question, that I can’t answer FOR you, but I’ll help walk you through the difference between the two.

In a group setting, like a mastermind, you get to hear differing opinions from multiple sources - this helps you to have a more well-rounded approach to your business. PLUS, you get the support of a group to help lift you up, encourage, provide feedback, etc…and that’s invaluable. Masterminds have been especially helpful for me while I’ve been going through a transition or feeling really isolated and alone.

1:1 coaching is also incredibly important, but for a different reason, because the focus is solely on you. I take the skills and approach of both a coach and a mentor. A coach is short term while a mentor is more long term (and I’m right in the middle). Technically a coach is there to help you develop specific skills and a mentor has a deep personal interest in you and your long term development. I combine these two approaches, hence I am a Business Guidance Coach - both there to help you develop new specific skills that further your business and to come alongside you on your journey to help you cultivate long term progress with someone who’s invested in you.


I’m an introvert and group things freak me out, so I’m not sure this is for me:

Hi fellow introvert! I too struggle with this. I want to assure you that meeting as a group will soon melt away all those reservations, because I intentionally keep the group SMALL. Mostly for my own introverted sanity, but also because this is how we go deeper. We will not stay surface level, small talk in this group, we will be diving deep into what matters and you will develop an intimate bond with every member of this group.

Now, if you’re worried about the specifics of the 3 day retreat - don’t worry, I literally had YOU in mind when I created the details for this. Even though you may have to share a room, you will not have to share a bed with someone and I’ve planned quiet/private times throughout the retreat so you can get your alone recoup time. This is also how I recoup, so I’ve taken intentional thought to make sure you have this.

You won’t become so people exhausted you can’t function, I know this feeling well, but you will be moved out of your comfort zone, and frankly, we both know that’s a good thing!


I’m trying to make smart investments in my business right now...and this is definitely an investment.

Oh trust me, I understand the money struggle… but the most important thing you can do for yourself is ask…

What kind of financial impact could this Mastermind have on my business?

This mastermind will come alongside you to help you utilize your own incredible strengths and authenticity to grow your business for 6 whole months. Imagine how much you could accomplish in that amount of time with this kind of support!?

And just to give you a point of reference, you’re basically getting a free 3-Day retreat within this Mastermind, because the cost of the retreat alone is over $6,000.



I already have so few hours in the day, what’s the time commitment for coaching?

We will meet via video every other week for 90 minutes (no makeup required). The weeks in between are implementation weeks, but you have unlimited support inside our private Facebook group during our time together. So in other words, the time commitment is really up to you.



What’s your refund policy?

Due to the individualized nature of this mastermind group program, all payments will be non-refundable. You are saying yes to working with me personally and your fellow mastermind gals in an intimate group setting, and it wouldn’t be fair to me or the other gals involved to provide refunds because this is a relational ongoing commitment, as opposed to a one-time event.

I want you to feel confident, dedicated and committed to this group before you even apply (that’s how you will get the most out of it) and I am as dedicated to your success as you are. ;)


How do I pay you?

Super easy! Fill out your application, then we’ll set-up a quick phone chat so I can get to know you better and choose the best Mastermind groups. After that you will receive an agreement and invoice from me through my client management system Dubsado.


I still have questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Feel free to email me at and allow me up to 48 hours to reply. I would love to hear from you and help answer any questions you may have.


By clicking the button above, you can apply before anyone else for next year.

I am so excited to Mastermind with you!
- Brianne