Oprah Winfrey

Are you ready to join a tight knit, engaged, dedicated and encouraging group that’s not only committed to helping you increase your revenue, but also helping you live your best life?

 I hope your answer was YESSS!

(with raised hands and sung like Oprah)

Because that’s the page you’ve landed on, and now it’s time to talk all things Masterminding… (one of my absolute favorite topics).


Here’s what I know about you already…

you’ve been feeling stuck.

No, I’m not a mind reader, but I do know you heard the word “mastermind” and felt hope, like this word offered you the possibility of making your dreams a reality. And you were right. Masterminds are life (and business) changing.

Joining a Mastermind changed my life and it’s been the biggest proponent of my business growth. I was feeling so incredibly stuck. I had these HUGE dreams but I was missing the support and community I needed to make them a reality. And I wasn’t looking to join some HUGE Mastermind group where I got swallowed up in a sea of faces, I wanted something smaller, more intimate where I could feel seen, heard and known.

This is why I created The Brightly Immersive.

Wondering what a Mastermind is exactly? In the simplest terms, when a group of individuals combine their minds to solve a specific problem, this becomes a “Mastermind” - it’s basically like we’re all sharing a brain. Or you can take the more formal version from Forbes.com, “A mastermind is…a group of people coming together regularly who are dedicated to mutual growth and improvement.” A group of creatively smart people joining forces to tackle problems and challenges together, lean on each other for advice, and offer encouragement, accountability and connection.

If you’re curious, this is a great article to continue reading from Forbes.com: Why Your Most Important Business Move Might Be Joining A Mastermind.

It’s time to join a confidence building community.


how does it work?

Every Mastermind is different, so it’s important you find a leader and set-up that resonates with you. This Mastermind happens to last 6-Months and I have 2 tracks now available.

  • The Mini-Immersive and

  • The VIP Immersive

Each month we’ll meet virtually all together as a group (both Mini and VIP tracks), to go over a specific topic, questions, struggles and mentoring from me (plus a few guest experts).

  • Bonus: The VIP track gets an in-person retreat

  • Double Bonus: There’s an Alumni Retreat for EVERYONE! (again, said like Oprah, with my hands wide in the air)

Here’s what to expect:

Brightly Immersive Mastermind - photo by katiegracephotography.jpg

Exclusive Access to business trainings, guest experts and workbooks.


Group meetings, Q&A time, Heart-seat opportunities and accountability.

Brightly Immersive Mastermind - Photo by katiegracephotography

Private FB group to connect, share, ask questions, get feedback and more.

Brightly Immersive Mastermind with Brianne Wik

1:1 meetings with Brianne. Goal calls, mindset mentoring and strategy sessions.

How do I choose between

one-on-one coaching and a Mastermind?

Great question! First off, choose the Mastermind. I believe in the power of community and connection so greatly that this is my recommendation to everyone now. There’s something about a group that’s incredibly transformational. I believe in this so much that I’ve decided to no longer offer 1:1 coaching and instead focus all of my time and energy on this Mastermind.

The power of a Mastermind is the combined talents, knowledge, and energies of each person in the group.

Have you ever got your car stuck in the mud? Perhaps you haven’t been so irresponsibly off-roading like I have… But you can picture the car, it’s back tire spinning out of control, mud splattering everywhere, and it seems the more you hit the accelerator the deeper your tire sinks into the mud.

Well, that’s who this Brightly Immersive Mastermind is for. THAT gal, trying so desperately to get out of the mud…convincing herself that if she just works a little bit harder in her business, a little bit faster, or spends longer hours that she’ll get unstuck. She’s looking for some clarity, some relief, some moment of reassurance that she and her business will be okay (and not be stuck in the mud forever).

This Mastermind is made to help you get unstuck,

and gives you the encouragement you need to keep going.

Love note from Brianne:

Those mascara stains on your pillow are normal, girl, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We’ve all been there, we all still have those moments, you’re not alone. Plus, as you’ll hear me say MANY times if you join this Mastermind, tears are truth, love.

Your tears mean you really want this.

  • Yep, it still takes work.

  • Nope, there is no easy button.

  • Nope, you can’t build it and they will just come.

  • Nopre, there are no shortcuts.

  • Yep, you can still do this.

I would recommend this Mastermind for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the number of voices...telling them what they should do or could do, and they’re just not sure who to listen to.
— Ashly Hilst - inkandgraceediting.com

Here’s what a few Alumni have to say

about their experience:

Tell me more…

What will I learn?



What Matters Most

Clear the clutter in your mind and make way for more clarity.



Branding Your Business

Get crystal clear on how you present yourself and your business.



Processes & Systems

It’s time to streamline your processes and scale with consistency.



Pricing for Profit, and money talk

Know where your money is going and price for profit, not out of fear.



Promoting with Purpose

Serve your people better by letting them know about your secret sauces…



Brave Fear / Taking Action

Take Brave action right alongside your fear. Nobody puts baby in a corner…


what’s the difference

between the two tracks?


The Mini-Immersive is perfect for those just getting started or needing a little extra boost in their business. Maybe you’re just setting up your business, or it’s more of a part-time thing, but you’re still anxious for some extra accountability, community and learning. (Plus, everything is based online + *the opportunity to attend the in-person Annual Alumni Retreat!)

The Mini-Immersive

  • 6-Months of Masterminding (valued at over $3,500)

  • LIVE Mastermind calls with me to help direct, teach and encourage you. (valued at over $2,000)

  • Exclusive trainings and workbooks (valued at over $350)

  • Accountability (to keep you moving forward)

  • A dedicated COMMUNITY of supportive, encouraging and inspiring women to help you be your best. (valued at over $900)

  • Heart-seats to focus specifically on your business/life (valued at over $350)

  • BONUS: Guest Expert Masterclasses (valued at over $3,000)

  • *BONUS opportunity: 1:1 mentor sessions with Brianne (*valued at over $1,000)

  • *BONUS opportunity: Access to the in-person Annual Alumni Retreat. (You can go each year, every year and always get something new out of it!)

*Indicates an additional cost.

Total value = over $14,000

The VIP Immersive is perfect for those who feel ready for the next step in their business and life, but are at a sticking point and unsure where to go next. You’re full-time with your business and feeling anxious to grow, learn, and invest in new incredible connections. You’re ready to create an incredible brand experience and streamline your business.

The VIP immersive

  • 6-Months of Masterminding (valued at over $3,500)

  • LIVE Mastermind calls with me to help direct, teach and encourage you. (valued at over $2,000)

  • Monthly VIP Small Group Calls (valued at over $2,000)

  • Exclusive trainings and workbooks (valued at over $350)

  • Accountability (to keep you moving forward)

  • A dedicated COMMUNITY of supportive, encouraging and inspiring women to help you be your best. (valued at over $900)

  • Heart-seats to focus specifically on your business/life (valued at over $350)

  • Three - 1:1 goal/mentor sessions with Brianne - (valued at over $1,000)

  • In-Person Retreat in Waco, TX (with a trip to Magnolia Market of course) - valued at over $6,000

  • BONUS: Daily Voxer Access - i.e. daily coaching (during business hours) - (valued at over $4,500)

  • BONUS: Branding Photo Session at the VIP retreat - (valued at over $2,500)

  • BONUS: Guest Expert Masterclasses (valued at over $3,000)

  • BONUS: Free ticket to the Alumni Retreat in September! (valued at $3,500)

Total value = over $25,000

Doors close December 14th -

Sold out.



Branding Photo Shenanigans.jpg

Retreat details:

  • Location: Waco, TX

    • I recommend flying into the Waco airport. *Flight is not included.

  • Dates: April 29 - May 3, 2019

  • Trip to Magnolia Market included

  • All meals provided

  • 30 minute Branding Photo Session with Katie Grace (valued at over $2,500)

  • 1:1 Mentor Session with Brianne

  • Breakthrough Brainstorming Sessions

  • Brand Audits

  • Clear the clutter

  • Visualizing

  • Craft your Brand Experience

  • Connection and FUN!

Important notes:

  • Everyone gets their own bed

  • Download/Quiet time for processing/recouping

  • Unplugged (let your family/clients know you are unavailable)

  • Plus, other surprises


You can still join the Mini-Immersive

or get on the waitlist for 2020.

Reserve the dates now! This is a DO NOT MISS opportunity.

The annual

Alumni Retreat

Every year will be new & different - just for you!

September 23-25, 2019!

Anaheim, CA


Don’t lose steam. Keep the momentum going.

Meet new friends! Start new collaborations. Dive even deeper into your business. Grow your knowledge. Gain experience. Create lasting relationships. Brainstorm. Strategize. Get creative and out of your comfort zone. Hang out in-person!


Why an annual Alumni Retreat?

In-person events are life-changing, business shifting and momentum charging.

Everyone should not only get the opportunity for an in-person event, but also the opportunity to meet with all the other incredible women who come through this Mastermind. This Alumni Retreat is a way to see your specific Mastermind gals and meet new ones each year! It’s a way to keep that momentum going in your business and not lose steam. It’s a way to learn new things each year so you can always be growing!

This retreat is exclusive to Alumni only, you must be or have been a participant in the Brightly Immersive Mastermind (yes, the Mini-Immersive counts!!). There will be new learning opportunities and lots of time for connecting with new people and growing your network.


what’s happening:

  • 2 days

  • Guest speakers + Speaking opportunities

  • Heart-seat opportunities

  • Workshops

  • Workbook

  • Gifts (of course)

  • Giveaways / Scholarship Auction (for new Alumni!)

  • Connection/Networking time

  • Fun/Games

  • Breakfast & Lunch provided


BONUS Opportunities:

  • *Exclusive Branding Experience Worksop with Brianne at Disneyland - (limit 5 people - first come, first served)

    • Includes Disneyland ticket!

    • Plus extra goodies (of course).

  • Speaking opportunities! (limited / by application only)

    • I know what it’s like when you want to get a speaking/teaching career off the ground but you can’t figure out HOW to get the experience. As a #BrightlyImmersive Alumni, I want to provide you with your opportunity here!

    • Professional photos & video will also be provided for you to help you get started!

One time payment of $497

or FREE for the VIP track (for one year)

Brianne of Brightly & Co. Business Guidance Coach

Hi love! I'm Brianne.

A fairly enthusiastic, slightly sarcastic, Disney dreamin’, goal achieving Business Mentor for driven entrepreneur gals.

I’m all about taking that big "someday" idea that you have sitting in the back of your mind, and making it a reality.

I'm a professional business bestie and I'm here to help you build a business that transforms your life.

I seriously LOVE my job and I want to give you the biggest hug right now and get you back on track to loving who you are, living that out in your business and embracing your big dreams.

I work with creativepreneur gals, like you, who are looking for some support, guidance, accountability, direction, connection, clarity and CONFIDENCE to make those scary-awesome big “someday” dreams, happen.

In my spare time…

You can find me hosting the Brave Fear Podcast, enjoying cheese plates at my favorite wine bar, watching 80’s action movies on the couch with my cute hubby, singing Disney songs in the car, and snuggling in for a quick cat nap with who else, but my sweet kitty, of course. Her name is Lovey. Yes, I am the girl who would name her cat Lovey. In fact, full disclosure, her entire name is Lovey Dovey Baby and she was named while I was watching the Newsies. (Yup. True story.)

I needed this to be able to do what I love...to do photography as well as be a Mom and a Wife. This is helping me to make it all work together.

You can find strategies anywhere, but what you can’t find is someone who will guide you step by step through the mindset pieces in order to get you where you want to be and overcome those mental blocks of “Who am I to do this?”...
I’ve been amazed at what has come out of this and I feel like I have new best friends who get me and get my business and are behind me all the way.

My favorite part of this Mastermind is the community that has come out of it, I know that when I walk away from this experience I’m not just walking away with a to-do list for my business, but with who to call when I struggle or get stuck...


What’s the Investment?

  • Have you ever noticed that when you have more skin in the game, you pay more attention? When you’re more invested, you’re, uh…more invested? When you pay for something, you actually care to participate? I’ve heard it said that those who pay, pay attention, and I know this is true for me.

  • Committing yourself to a dedicated 6-months of growth, overcoming your limiting beliefs and being held accountable by a group of gals just as dedicated as you - sounds like a pretty sweet recipe for transformation doesn’t it? No more hiding behind your computer screen and making decisions all alone, it’s time for something better.

  • I was afraid I would be the dumbest person in the group, that I was jumping in too soon and acting “too big for my britches”. I was so scared that I wouldn’t measure up to the other gals in the group, or that I would be behind. But that’s the beauty of a Mastermind…(in fact, it’s the most powerful thing about any Mastermind), everyone in the group has something of value to bring. Every individual gal is bringing their own experiences, expertise and talents to the table.

Brightly Immersive Mastermind Retreat

The Mini-immersive


This 6-month Mastermind + Group Program is open all year long

  1. Apply

  2. Choose the month you’d like to begin

  3. Sign & Pay and you’re in!

The VIP immersive

Sold Out

Get on the waitlist for 2020


To reserve your spot, your first months payment is due.

Ready to apply?

3 simple steps:

1.) Apply

2.) Choose the month you’d like to begin

3.) Sign & Pay and you’re in!



That’s one of my absolute favorite questions. Here’s how you know if this Mastermind is the right fit. Do you crave real relationships? Do you love encouraging others? Do you love helping others succeed? Are you able to set aside differences of opinions or preconceived judgments in order to better yourself and others? Do you love learning? Are you a doer/action taker? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to better your life?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a perfect fit!

Here’s who’s not a good fit for this Mastermind: Someone who feels they know everything already, they aren’t open or willing to share their experiences/knowledge, they’re into learning but not cultivating relationships, they’re judgmental and/or can’t move beyond those judgments, they’re unwilling to take action and do the work necessary to grow their business.

To even further answer this question, if you’re newer to business and have a pretty tight budget + you’re feeling like you want more help and a community to come alongside you/interact with you as you learn - than the Mini-Immersive is the right fit.

The VIP Immersive is perfect for those who are ready for their breakthrough! If you’ve been feeling ready for the next step in your business and life, but honestly feeling pretty stuck and unsure where to go next. Your business is set-up and running (+ bringing in some dollars), and you’re feeling anxious to grow, learn, and invest in new incredible connections…but you’re not sure how to do that. The VIP Immersive is perfect for you.


That’s 100% a-okay. I’ll be leading the group and walking you through exactly what to expect. You do not have to have participated in a Mastermind before or received business coaching to be in the Brightly Immersive Mastermind.

The important thing to know about a Mastermind is that you get out of it as much as you put into it. If you join this group with an open and willing heart, you will reap the benefits and experience transformations in your life and business unlike you’ve experienced before.

+ Will you have a payment plan?

The monthly fee listed above is the payment plan. If you have a special circumstance regarding the payment plan that you'd like to discuss, apply now and schedule your 1:1 chat with me. I'd be happy to talk to you about it.

In order to secure your spot, your first months payment is due right after you sign your Mastermind agreement. After this payment has been received you won't be asked to pay again until January.


Hi fellow introvert! I too struggle with this. I want to assure you that meeting as a group will soon melt away all those reservations, because I intentionally keep the group SMALL. Mostly for my own introverted sanity, but also because this is how we go deeper. We will not stay surface level, small talk in this group, we will be diving deep into what matters and you will develop an intimate bond with every member of this group.

Now, if you’re worried about the specifics of the 3 day retreat - don’t worry, I specifically had YOU in mind when I created the details for this. Even though you may have to share a room, you will not have to share a bed with someone and I’ve planned quiet/private times throughout the retreat so you can get your alone recoup time. This is also how I recoup, so I’ve taken intentional thought to make sure you have this.

You won’t become so people exhausted you can’t function, I know this feeling well, but you will be moved out of your comfort zone, and frankly, we both know that’s a good thing.

+ This feels like a big investment...

Oh trust me, I understand the money struggle… but the most important thing you can do for yourself is ask:

What kind of financial impact could this Mastermind have on my business?

This mastermind will come alongside you to help you utilize your own incredible strengths and gifts to grow your business for 6 whole months. Imagine how much you could accomplish in that amount of time with this kind of support!?

And if you join the VIP Immersive, you’re basically getting a free 3-Day retreat (almost 4) within this Mastermind, because the cost of the retreat alone is a little over $6,000.


We will meet via video every month for about 90 minutes. There will also be special guest expert calls available each month for 45-60 minutes. The weeks in between are implementation weeks, but you have unlimited support inside our private Facebook group during our time together. So in other words, the time commitment is really up to you.

The VIP Immersive will have it’s own small group that will meet a second time once a month for 90-minutes.


Due to the individualized nature of this mastermind group program, all payments are non-refundable. You are saying yes to working with me personally and your fellow mastermind gals in an intimate group setting, and it wouldn’t be fair to me or the other gals involved to provide refunds because this is a relational ongoing commitment, as opposed to a one-time event.

I want you to feel confident, dedicated and committed to this group before you even apply (that’s how you will get the most out of it) and know that not only am I just as dedicated to your success, but so are your fellow Masterminders.


We meet once a month as a whole group for 90 minutes. These main Mastermind calls are for both the Mini-Immersive and the VIP Immersive. During these calls we will be going over a specific topic and hosting heart-seats (which you can apply for the week before). Meetings are every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:30am PST (2:30pm EST) We kick everything off in 2019 on January 17th!

The date and time of our guest expert calls will often be determined by the guest expert.

The VIP group calls will also be at 11:30am PST (2:30pm EST) - every 4th Tuesday. With a week in between for implementation, the VIP group gets a second call every other week to help with accountability, questions, concerns, connection and dedicated heart-seat time for every member.

Replays will be made available for every call.

+ When can I join the VIP Immersive?

The VIP Immersive is only available once a year, and runs from January-July. Spots are very limited to only 6-8 women and are filled first come, first served. (Spots will more than likely be filled by November).

To snag your spot, be sure to apply now and get your free call with me!

+ When can I join the Mini-Immersive?

The Mini-Immersive is open all year long! WOO HOO! You can join and get started at the beginning of any month.

No matter when you join, you will still receive the full 6-month curriculum, the opportunity to attend the in-person Annual Alumni Retreat and have a dedicated Mastermind group to connect with, be supported by and held accountable for forward momentum.

But here's a word of caution, don't wait to join just because you see that it's open all year long and you feel like you can do it later. Later is an excuse. If you have the hankering to join now, make it happen my dear, waiting will just keep you in the same place you've already been.


It starts with filling out your application, then we’ll set-up a quick video chat so I can get to know you better and help you choose the best Mastermind track. After that you will receive your Mastermind agreement and invoice from me through my client management system Dubsado.

In order to secure your spot, your first months payment is due right after you sign your Mastermind agreement. After this payment has been received you won't be asked to pay again until January.


Feel free to email me at Brianne@BrightlyandCo.com and allow me up to 48 hours to reply. I would love to hear from you and help answer any questions you may have.