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Start with Branding


In Module 1 you will learn what Branding is and how to start cultivating yours today. If you've had questions about Branding and just don't feel like you know where to start, this lesson will help you get there. Branding is the foundation upon which your marketing stands. This lesson is first - on purpose.

Be Accessible

In Module 2 you will learn how to become more accessible. I will walk you through simple steps of making your accessibility more present and consistent. Simple, quick and easy ways you can up your marketing game just by focusing on being accessible!


Social Media Marketing

In Module 3 you will learn about Social Media marketing. Common misconceptions and tips on how to really market throughout social media. The truth is Social Media platforms are still the biggest, fastest and easiest way to reach your potential clients. It's time to utilize this asset in the right way.

How to Create Content

In Module 4 you will learn how to create content. Content is what you create for your Blog, Newsletter, Social Media Posts, Postcards, Website, etc... This is one of the number one things people get hung up on. I will teach you how to create unique content that can be used again and again.

Work ON your business, not just in it.

In Module 5 you will learn what it means to work ON your business and not just IN it. Learn from others and grow your business authentically and organically by connecting, learning and encouraging those around you.

In this BONUS Module you will have access to several resources including your list of 50 ways to market your Real Estate Business, without pounding on doors. 


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