3-Month Mini-Mastermind

You are motivated.

You have a ton of ideas and a lot of energy around your business.

But sometimes....

  • You don't know where to channel that energy. 
  • You feel lost in all your ideas and need some direction and clarity.
  • You struggle to know what the next step is. 
  • You can't always see what's awesome about you, (but an amazing group totally can!)
  • You're looking for constructive and genuine feedback, but it can be hard to find.
  • You lack confidence...but that's because you don't have a community to support you.
  • You know you have something amazing to offer the world, you're just not sure how to get it out. 


I can help you with this. 

Listen to what past Mini-Masterminder Sara (Earl Grey & Polka Dots) has to say.

My business was going in a million directions, I had a lot of ideas and I had a lot of energy but I didn’t have a lot of focus and a place to send that energy. Being in this group has caused me to consider new opportunities in my business, these ladies have encouraged me through some really hard moments and are just genuinely amazing people.

Brianne facilitates this group in such a way that I leave every call with even more energy, so much positivity, focus and knowledge.

This group has changed my life (and my business).
— Sara - Earl Grey & Polka Dots
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Sara Testimonial for Brianne of Brightly & Co. Mini-Mastermind
Stacy testimonial for Brianne of Brightly & Co. Mini-Mastermind
Heather testimonial for Brianne of Brightly & Co. Mini-Mastermind


We'll meet every other week for 3 months and in between those weeks we will have our own private Facebook group to check in, get feedback, post wins and/or ask for advice. When you join my Mini-Mastermind, you're joining a new supportive community. The women in this group will be there for you and you will be there for them. 

Every Mini-Mastermind is set-up to be a brave, safe space. There's no fear in sharing your heart, being yourself or sharing your ideas. We support and encourage, give constructive feedback to help you grow and provide a safe place to dream up new ideas. 


I believe in accountability, so you won't be able to hide or put off those tasks anymore. In this 3-Month Mini-Mastermind we will be checking in weekly on what you've accomplished. We will be setting due dates and goal achievement dates. We will be realistic, but we will also push ourselves to do more than we think is possible. 

If you've been using excuses, hiding in the shadows or generally feeling down on yourself for not getting more done...this group is meant for you. We're not only going to get stuff done, we're going to have fun doing it too. :)



We all have rough days, haters, doubt bugs and fear that like to stop our growth, so that's why in my 3-Month Mini-Mastermind we provide exponential amounts of encouragement. Encouragement first, constructive feedback second. 

I'd always rather you go for it, try that new thing, jump and fall on your face then wait in the background for that perfect opportunity. In this Mini-Mastermind, we take action, and you will be encouraged the entire time. 

This group will become your new business besties, there to lift you up when you're down and point out your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses.

Clarity / Direction

The #1 thing that holds us back is a lack of clarity and direction. In this Mini-Mastermind we will get vulnerable. We will ask the tough questions that get us to the real answers. We will take charge of our dreams and create goals to achieve them. We will clear the clutter and focus in on what lights us up. 

In this Mini-Mastermind, it's not about accomplishing everything we possibly can in 3 months, it's about getting a clear direction that we can take regardless of our circumstances and building the confidence we need to continue moving forward even beyond our last meeting.


The details


When is this Mini-Mastermind?

The last Mini-Mastermind available for 2017 begins in November. We will meet on Wednesdays or Thursdays for 90 minutes and will choose a time that works best for everyone. 


who is this mini-mastermind for?

Whether you're just getting started, pivoting in your business or you've been in business awhile and you're just simply feeling stuck, this Mini-Mastermind is for you. I believe that a variety of business know-how is good for a group and I will be choosing these groups according to their needs. You can apply here.


How many people are in this mini-mastermind?

There are only 4 spots available for my Mini-Masterminds. I keep this number small because we can get a lot more accomplished, build stronger relationships and allow everyone to be heard (really heard).


what's my investment?

This is a 3-Month Mini-Mastermind and I believe that when we invest both our time and money we are more dedicated. You will be investing your time of 90 minutes for 6 meetings, plus extra support and feedback in the facebook group over the course of 3 months. Your monetary investment is only $447 or $150/month depending on if you'd like to pay in full or have a monthly payment plan. You can let me know your preference by clicking here.


how can I join this Mini-Mastermind?

Click here to apply (it only takes 5 minutes). 



P.S. If the group thing isn't your jam, you can meet 1:1 with me starting at just $297!

Click here for my 1:1 business coaching instead.