ready to stand out from the crowd?

Choose your perfect photo session:


The Personality branding session | $500

Showcase you. This is the most basic 1 hour photo session, with 20+ high-resolution edited photos, portrait style images that are website, print & social media ready. Simple & easy.

The Lifestyle branding Session | $1,200

Showcase you & your services/products. This is a more in depth 3-4 hour photo session, with multiple locations, 50+ high resolution edited photos. You'll gain beautiful new portrait and lifestyle images that are website, print & social media ready. Show off what you do!

The Boutique Branding Session | $1,900

Showcase you, your team, your services/products & your space. This is an involved 3-5 hour photo session, dedicated to capturing your space, products and people, with over 100+ high resolution edited photos to choose from. You'll gain beautiful new portrait and lifestyle images that are website, print & social media ready. Show off your amazing boutique!



Branding Photography is right for you if...

  • You're an entrepreneur looking for professional photos to market your business.
  • You're ready for a streamlined and cohesive look to market your business, products and personal brand.
  • You're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and show your uniqueness. 
  • You need a polished cohesive look to bring your brand together.
  • You need photo options that you can use on your website, social media and print marketing.
  • You have a team, retail shop or office space that you want to highlight and showcase.
  • You want custom stock photography that you can use for your marketing that no one else has.

Click here to see an example of Branding Photography in action...

Brianne Dosier of Brightly & Co.
I want everyone I work with to feel like themselves. I am a huge believer in being natural and candid in your photos. Your images should tell a story – YOUR story.

My Photography experience is designed to give you the freedom to be yourself and have fun in a stress-free environment.
— Brianne Dosier

See what others are saying...

No other photographer could have captured these pictures because they would not have taken the time to get to know me, my brand and what I was looking for! It was a super fun day and I appreciate you more than you know!!!
— Shelle Winkler, Intentions of Joy Life Coaching
Brightly & Co. Branding Photography for Shelle Winkler - Intentions of Joy Life Coaching, Portland, OR
Brightly & Co. Branding Photography for Carisa Gottuso - Windermere Real Estate, Portland, Oregon
I am not one who likes having her picture taken, but Brianne made all the difference!! She made it so much fun, and she put me at ease. I couldn’t be happier with the results... she captured the look and atmosphere I was going for and gave me a large set of photos to work with. She’s great with people, great with her camera and her website makes it SO easy to see and download my photos and get prints. I’m just thrilled with the results, and I can’t thank you enough, Brianne!!!
— Carisa Gottuso
“Love my new team pics by the talented Brianne! The photo session was FUN!”
— Cary Perkins, Windermere Real Estate
Brightly & Co. Branding Photography for Cary Perkins, Windermere Real Estate, Portland, Oregon

The Process

Brand Meeting: 

We will meet via video to discuss the details of your brand. I will help you think through your brand; what you want to represent and showcase. We will discuss fashion, locations, props and overall style.

Branding Photography Inspiration Board for Shelle Winkler Intentions of Joy Life Coaching

Branding Inspiration Board:

Together we will create a branding inspiration board to use as the visual concept for your branding photos. This will help inspire your colors, outfit choices, locations, props, etc...

Photo Session Day:

I will meet you at the location we discussed during our brand meeting. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible, like we're just two friends hanging out (I just happen to have a camera). I shoot unlimited, which means I'm not stingy with the amount of photos I take. I want you to have fantastic photos, even if it means more post work for me. I will help you with outfit changes, props, stray hairs, you name it! If it's possible we'll have music playing and make it a fun and relaxed time. 

Blog & Teaser Images: 

Before I have completed processing your images, I will advertise some quick teaser images 2-4 days after the session for you to share with your clients, friends & family! See an example here.

Post Photo Session:

After the photo session is over, that's when the "real" work begins. I cull through all of the images taken during your photo session and find the best of the best. I will not send you photos that don't represent you and your brand in a beautiful light (unless it's a hilarious memory, those do happen often). I take the time to look at the details and skillfully edit each of your images before delivery. All of your photos are delivered to you via a private online gallery in high resolution. I do not use watermarks and upon signing your contract you instantly receive the basic copyrights for printing, downloading and sharing. 


By clicking the button above you'll be scheduling some time to chat with me about your project. Actual bookings will be set during this meeting.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What's your turnaround time? 

Photo session(s) range from 1-5 hours, depending on your needs. Turn-around time on photos is 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of photos being processed.

What's your photo style?

My style is light & bright. I love a little overexposure when I can get it. I shoot both indoors and outdoors and I prefer natural light when possible. If lighting is required for our session, I have lighting equipment I can bring. This setup is included in your time-frame.

Who is Branding Photography for?

Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Business Owners, Brick & Mortar shops, Boutiques, Artists, Makers, etc... If you have a business that needs marketing, branding photography is something you need.

What's your availability? 

Photo sessions must be scheduled at least one month in advance. To inquire about my availability, click here.

Can I just get a headshot?

No. The simple truth is, I don't believe that having "just a headshot" is good enough for marketing anymore and I want to provide you with not only what you want, but also what you need. So this is not currently a service I offer. However, I do giveaway FREE headshots at some of my events. 

Do you travel? 

Yes. Additional travel fees will be included and discussed in our initial meeting. I am based in Portland, Oregon and frequently travel throughout Oregon and Washington. I currently only travel within the states, not internationally (yet). If you'd like to fly out to Portland, I have great recommendations of where to stay and will be able to choose locations for you.

Can I choose the photos you edit?

No. Instead of making you go through 100's sometimes 1,000's of photos, I do it all for you and find the best ones that I know you'll be happy with. 


By clicking the button above you'll be scheduling some time to chat with me about your project. Actual bookings will be set during this meeting.