Module 4  |  How To Create Content

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The Lesson:

You know you need a newsletter, possibly a blog, definitely a Social Media presence and some print materials...but you're asking, "How do I come up with this content?" I hear you.

Here's the may not want to hear it, but every, single, day you are gaining content ideas. Think I'm crazy? Okay, yes I have a little crazy in me, but this isn't crazy. This is real life. Every single day you are gaining content, but you're probably not paying attention.

The #1 way to create content? Listen.

It's that simple. Listen. Listen to your clients, your vendors, your colleagues, your staff, your assistant, your family, the lady at the grocery store who was super nice and asked a couple of questions.... Listen and write it down. Always have a notebook on hand, download Trello to your phone or Evernote and keep a running list of things you hear and learn. 

You're being continually educated right? So write down what you learn and give it back to the good people interested in what you do! You're the expert. Prove it.


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