Welcome to the Brave Fear Retreat


Hey Lady!

What is it that you want most for yourself, right now?

fame? fortune? some freakin’ time to yourself? friends? freedom? fun?

(I’ve run out of “f” words)

And what do you think stops you from having it?

kids? a j.o.b.? money? lack of time? lack of energy, motivation, passion? fear?

So, how do you feel? I mean it, truly, how are you?

exhausted? burnt-out? stressed? scared? stuck? doubtful? discouraged? disconnected? discontent? overwhelmed? ashamed? fearful? angry? broken?

Brianne Wik - Photo by BePeachie Photography

I’m going to be straight with you right now -

you already know what you need to do in order to get where you want to go…

The question isn’t how do I get what I want?

The question is why am I not taking the steps I need to?

Let’s uncover that together…


I think…

it’s time for a refresh

how about you?

Atelier21 Co - Courageous Creativity-008.jpg

No more excuses:

  • Stop waiting until “this” happens, then you’ll…

  • Stop the “fake” busy that keeps you stressed out and high strung…

  • Stop numbing yourself behind the TV screen…

  • Stop doubting your talents, abilities, expertise, knowledge…

  • Stop believing the lies about who you’re “supposed” to be…

  • Stop stopping yourself before you even start…

  • Stop hitting “snooze” on your life.

...we both know it's time...

You’ve probably even tried to stop some of these things before. I'm sure you've tried other programs, retreats, conferences, e-courses...but nothing ever seems to stick.

You want success, you want to feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments, you want to pursue these passions, dreams and healthy routines with ease.
You want to make this happen.

I want to help you...

Brianne Wik - Photo by BePeachie Photography

I’ve been there

still am a lot of days…

I’ve experienced such fear that it stopped me from seeing my own potential. I’ve gone years thinking that I wasn’t capable, that I wasn’t enough, that I didn’t have what it takes, and that I wasn’t cut out for my own dreams…

I’ve struggled with an anxiety and panic disorder for most of my life.

I’ve felt utterly exhausted, weary and fragile.

But, I’ve got a secret for you… a little trick I use, a philosophy I’ve built my life around and I want to let you in on it. It’s called…

Brave Fear

And it’s what I want to help you become.


We both know what it takes to be successful,

but (most days) it can feel practically impossible to make it happen.


So, Let's play
The WHAT IF game...

What if... you were in control of your fear, instead of it controlling you?

What if... everything felt just a little bit easier?

What if... the things you fear doing now became the things you did every day with ease?

What if... you were able to do so much more than you originally thought possible?

What if... you believed in yourself?
Morgaine Trine of Honestly Bookkeeping - Photo by Katie Grace Photography
Brianne helped me get out of my own head
— "Brianne is incredible. I believe, looking back years from now, working with her will be the decision I view as "the best decision I've made for my business." Working with Brianne isn't just moral support (although there's plenty of that too), it's gaining actionable steps towards making progress. Brianne helped me get out of my own head, narrow down #alltheideas to what I need to focus on now, and push myself a step outside my comfort zone (thus making my comfort zone bigger)."

- Morgaine Trine of Honestly Bookkeeping



You’re invited to

The Brave Fear Retreat

with Brianne Wik

September 24-25 (26) | Anaheim, CA


A 2-day retreat

(3rd day optional)

Centered around your growth (both professionally and personally). Where entrepreneurial women will gather to be energized, encouraged and enveloped in community.

Prepare yourself for 2 full days worth of connection, content and clarity focused introspection. This retreat is focused on both the encouragement you need to keep going and the kick-in-the-butt you need to get out of your own way.

Brianne Wik - photo by Christina Johnson

My Guarantee:

You will laugh, most likely cry, make new friends and new discoveries…

You can expect to reconnect with yourself, to take brave action and become BRAVE FEAR.

What is Brave Fear?

It’s the act of taking brave action right alongside your fear. It’s taking back the driver seat and using fear as a guide NOT as a driving force. It’s a philosophy, a way of living and a motivation. It’s who you were meant to be.

You are Brave Fear.

At the Brave Fear Retreat:

You will go from feeling paralyzed and stuck in fear, to facing your fear and taking brave action right alongside it.

You will leave the retreat with confidence, clarity, deep connections and the tools you need to Brave Fear every day.

claire waite.jpg
I was feeling pretty lost and unsure of if I was on the right path, but now I know exactly what my path is and I’m confident in my ability to get where I’m going.
— "I'm notorious for talking about doing the things and thinking about doing the things, but never actually doing the things...it's hard for me to jump in and make it happen. After my experience with Brianne, I jumped in and started taking action. It has proven to be one of the best, if not the best, thing I've ever done for my business. I am more confident and sure of myself and where my business is headed. I know I'm worth what I charge, I know that my business ideas have merit and I feel like I know where I'm headed and what I need to do to get there. I was feeling pretty lost and unsure of if I was on the right path, but now I know exactly what my path is and I'm confident in my ability to get where I'm going. Brianne is such an amazing cheerleader, she never forces the answer on you, but rather helps us decide for ourselves."

- Claire Waite of Claire Waite Photography

Here’s what you’ll experience:

➤   An intimate and homey setting (from 9am-5pm) that invites you to come completely as your true self.

➤   Time for you. You work hard day in and day out, it's time for you to get the refreshment your mind, body and spirit truly need to be at your best.

➤   Time to connect. This intimate setting is perfectly suited to get know the wonderful women in attendance, build new, lifelong friendships and increase your network.

➤   Only 25 women in attendance. The number of attendees has been capped in order to keep the environment personal and allow for more dedicated connection time.

➤   Guest speakers sharing their personal Brave Fear stories as well as specific business lessons ranging from telling your StoryBrand to Accounting.

➤   Introspective time to gather your thoughts and process them uninterrupted.

➤   Brave Fear Action time… Not only will you leave with a Brave Fear action plan, but each day you will have a Brave Fear challenge to take action on.

Photo by Christina Jones Photo

Oh yeah...

And just for fun…
➤   There will also be prizes, gifts, fun/creative activities + lunch provided each day.
Allow me to introduce...

Your Guest Speakers

Guest Expert Reveal.png
Main Headshot.jpg

Morgaine Trine

Audacious Wealth: 4 stages of financial growth

Morgaine (pronounced Morgan) – is the financial strategist and bookkeeper behind Honestly Bookkeeping, where she is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs think strategically about their finances and create longterm wealth. Founder and creator of the Audacious Wealth Strategy, setting your business on the right path for financial success.


Stephanie Owens

The Importance of Storytelling: A Look at the StoryBrand Framework and How it Will Skyrocket Your Business

Stephanie Owens is the StoryBrand Certified Guide and creative director behind So Creative Design Studio, the entrepreneurs' one-stop-shop for copy, branding, website design and marketing, so you can stop worrying about growing your business and get back to doing what you love for a living!

Let's talk about...

the specifics





Anaheim, CA (address details will be released upon purchase of your spot)

September 24-25 (Bonus/Optional Disneyland Day on the 26th)

Female entrepreneurs - any experience level welcome

You buy your flight and choose from your experience options below

Retreat House 1.png
Retreat House 2.png
Retreat House 3.png

Your Experience Options:

(flight not included)

It’s important that you know the enormous value that goes into putting this retreat on (or any LIVE events). These numbers are a good faith estimate of the true value (and cost) since you can’t buy these elements separately.


The 2-Day Retreat:

➤   This includes your ticket to the event (September 24-25, 9am-5pm), a special gift bag (with surprise goodies to make you feel special), Snacks, Coffee and Beverages, and Lunch!

The 3-Day All Inclusive:

➤   This includes your ticket to the event (September 24-25, 9am-5pm), a special gift bag (with surprise goodies to make you feel special), All Meals, Lodging at the retreat house, extra time with Brianne, Small group connections with your housemates, Ticket to Disneyland! September 26th + Exclusive branding/brave fear workshop at Disney with Brianne (9am-11am), Transportation provided to and from the airport, PLUS a bonus night on September 23rd!

The BONUS Disneyland Workshop:

(and fun day!)

➤   Ticket to Disneyland! September 26th + Exclusive Branding/Brave Fear workshop at Disneyland with Brianne (9am-11am), Lunch provided, FUN at Disneyland the rest of the day!

Sponsored By:


Interested in being a Sponsor? Email: Support@BrightlyandCo.com

Brianne will change your business and your life, she will get you where you didn’t even know you wanted to go.
— "Brianne is adept at digging through the things we say we want (more money! more clients! Tips on marketing!) to what we really need (faith, belief in ourselves, focus, etc…). Her gift is walking people through their heart needs, areas for growth, struggles/aches which opens them up to the success they really want for their lives and businesses. Brianne is so supportive and encouraging, she will change your business and your life, she will get you where you didn’t even know you wanted to go."

- Ashly Hilst, Book Coach & Owner of Ink & Grace Editing



save your spot now

choose the experience option that works best for you


(Valued at $4,900)


(Valued at $8,400)

All you have to do is get your plane ticket, I take care of the rest.

Spots are very limited.


(Valued at $1,050 + priceless fun)

Credit card logos

8 spots have already been snatched up!

Only 17 spots left

So don’t wait…

Need a payment plan?
Click the “Save My Spot” button for your preferred experience option,
then once you’re on the registration page select the “payment plan” option.
Brianne Wik photo by Casie Marie Photography

My promise to you:

I can promise you will get out of this retreat what you put into it.

If you come with an open heart and mind, ready to learn, be challenged, be vulnerable and dig deep - you will experience beautiful and impactful shifts that will last you a lifetime.

**Warning (and small rant):

There is no miracle answer to all your problems and fears, so if you come into this hoping this experience will solve all your fear problems and you will leave completely fearless...you will be sorely disappointed. The Brave Fear retreat is one opportunity, of many, on your self-improvement journey, but this journey you are on is life-long (and it should be, don’t discount that gift). You will have more opportunities (hopefully even with me), but if you want an ultimate promise or guarantee of what you will gain from this experience, you’ve missed the point of Brave Fear in the first place.

At the Brave Fear retreat, you will go from feeling paralyzed and stuck in fear, to facing your fear and taking brave action right alongside it. You will leave the retreat with confidence, clarity, deep connections and the tools you need to Brave Fear every day.

Lauren Fronteria.jpeg
Brianne is truly one of the most loving humans I’ve ever met.
— Brianne is truly one of the most loving humans I've ever met. She's a life and business coach and has this beautiful, soft, yet powerful way of helping you see your own incredible potential.

- Lauren Fronteria, of The Real Female Entrepreneur

Brianne helps women reach their potential
— "Brianne is really great at showing people their own strengths. She can help them uncover things they've buried deep down, and help women reach their potential. She helps other uncover who they truly are under all the layers, and pushes them to their fullness and wholeness! She’s incredible at helping people who need to be unstuck or put back together."

- Carrie Grace, Motivational Speaker and Kindness Advocate

katie Grace.jpg
I’ve been blown away by how Brianne helps people get unstuck
— "Brianne is an expert at getting in touch with people’s feelings, emotions, struggles, and overall heart. I have seen her pull emotions, truth, and ingrained unhealthy thought patterns out of a person in the blink of an eye, leaving them freed up, encouraged, and healthier! She is an expert question asker, getting to the root of the problem and never settling for the surface level answers. I’ve been blown away by how Brianne helps people get unstuck and get in-touch with their heart and emotions. I would recommend Brianne to business owners that are feeling stuck in their head, bogged down in their heart, or are in unhealthy cycles of thought or action."

- Katie Grace, of Katie Grace Photography & Bungalows and Olives

Brightly _ Co. Walt Disney World Branding Session Magic Kingdom Photographer Casie Marie Photography-158.jpg

Meet your retreat leader + coach!

I personally cannot WAIT to see you in person, and help you to Brave Fear during our time together.

Attending a retreat, similar to this one, literally changed my life.

It was at that retreat that I realized I wanted to become a coach, that I wanted to marry the man I was dating for 7 years (who’s now my husband), that I actually longed to have a family (where I’ve sworn I would never have kids), that I renewed my relationship with God and rediscovered my own worth...and on top of all that I finally saw how I was holding myself back and after the retreat I took the small, simple steps necessary to make these HUGE transformations in my life come true.

More than anything else, I realized I wanted to provide this same kind of experience with you. I wanted to take all the retreats, conferences, intensives, coaching, workshops, books and online courses that I’ve learned from and apply some of my favorite and most impactful lessons into this retreat for you.

If you’re an entrepreneur gal like me, maybe a little stubborn, maybe a LOT of passion, maybe some heaping cup-fulls of fear and a dose of skepticism… you owe it to yourself to take the risk and see what this retreat could do for you. (That’s practicing Brave Fear right there…)

I want you to experience firsthand the kind of impact a retreat like this can have on your life and I want you to take the real, tangible, simple (yet powerful) steps to transforming your own life in a lasting way.

If you accept my invitation to attend…

I personally guarantee a giant hug from me to you and a life-changing opportunity for you to make big bold shifts that affect, your life, your career, the lives of those you love and the lives of those who look up to you.

When we improve ourselves, we improve the lives and relationships around us. I truly believe it is in our own personal inner work that we actually make the biggest impact on the world. To quote Gracie Lou Freebush, “I believe in harsher punishments for parole violators Stan…… and world peace.”

I’m excited to meet you, hopefully soon!

Lots of love,

Brianne Wik
Brightly _ Co. Walt Disney World Branding Session Magic Kingdom Photographer Casie Marie Photography-159.jpg

P.S. I am a real-life Miss Congeniality. Intrigued? Another story for another day. <wink>

is this retreat really for you?

This Brave Fear Retreat is PERFECT for you if...

➤   You’re an entrepreneur gal with an open heart and open mind ready to challenge your status quo and grow.

➤   You’re looking for a renewal of mind and spirit and an inspiring experience that you’ll remember.

➤   You’re an introvert or an extrovert (doesn’t matter) there will be quiet time for my introverts, and connection time for my extroverts.

➤   You’re longing for connection and community with other women who GET IT.

➤   You’re ready to feel less alone on this journey and bravely step into your confidence.

➤   You long for change, but can’t seem to make it happen and you’re still feeling stuck.

➤   You’re willing to do the hard (vulnerable) work it takes to get the results you desire.

➤   You value in-person experiences and know how life-changing they can be.

Quick note: Will you still get a lot out of this retreat if you’re not a business owner? Yes. But we will have some business focused talks from guest speakers, however I believe these talks will still teach you so much regardless of if you own your own business or not.

The Brave Fear Retreat is not for the faint of heart

or those looking for a quick fix.

That’s not what happens here.

This retreat is for those who want lasting change, to learn, to grow, to connect with others, to recoup some energy from their hectic lives and to harness their full potential.


To honestly answer these questions:

➤   What if... just one technique that you learn at this retreat frees yourself from an old fear pattern that’s been holding you back?

➤   What if... just one strategy that you learn from this retreat gives you the power of momentum when you most need it?

➤   What if... just one idea from this retreat allows you to break down a limiting belief you’ve been carrying around, that never served you?

➤   What if... just one new friend from this retreat became a friend for life?

➤   What if... just one moment at this retreat, gave you the clarity you need to believe in yourself and let go of the doubts you cling to?

➤   What if... just one doubt disappeared because of something you heard, witnessed, experienced or learned from this retreat?

If you’re feeling unsure…

You owe it to yourself to consider that this could be the year you break your old fear patterns and embrace confidence in yourself.

It’s not about a quick fix,

or a miracle moment…

When you put in the hard work (we’re talking deep digging here, not busy work), you WILL receive lasting change. But you have to be willing to go there.

What impact could even just one of these things have on your life, your confidence, your family, your friends, your career, your income?

What if you joined me to find out?


You know by now that I like to play the what if game… (in the best possible way). ha!

Brightly _ Co. Walt Disney World Branding Session Magic Kingdom Photographer Casie Marie Photography-64.jpg
A note from me to you:

I believe in you and I believe you bring great value to this world. It’s true. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never met before, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done or not done, it doesn’t matter if fear overwhelms you or if you doubt every step you take, it doesn’t matter if you’re shy, it doesn’t matter if you’re outgoing and bold…

What matters is that you believe in yourself.

➤   What if you attended this retreat with me, and you left believing more in yourself than you ever have before?
In a way, you’ve already won in this world because you’re the only one who can be you.
— Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

+ This feels like an investment for me, and I’m feeling a little unsure...

I know this isn’t a question, but I want to speak to it anyway. If you’re feeling like this, trust me, I understand and I’ve been in your shoes. Remember that retreat I mentioned at the very beginning of this page? The one where I had ALL of those a-ha! moments? It was one of the biggest expenses I had ever paid, (just shy of $4,000 for me to attend) and I was scared to death… I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want it all to be a waste.
So here’s my challenge to you:

  • Is it truly possible for this investment to be a waste if you get even just one a-ha! moment that helps create lasting change in your life?
  • What if you get a brand new friend out of this?
  • What if you leave this retreat with more confidence than you have right now? What if you have a breakthrough moment that clears a limiting belief that’s been holding you back for far too long?
    ---> Would this investment be worth it then?

    If you can answer yes, then you know you’re good to go.

    If you still feel unsure, than perhaps this isn’t the right time for you right now, and that’s okay. Only you can know that answer for sure, but if everything you read above is screaming I NEED TO BE THERE. Don’t ignore that. Make it happen and get your booty there...we’ll be so excited to have you!

Quick break down on pricing:
You can make this retreat a very cost effective

  • Turn it into a family vacation! If you were to bring your whole family, you now have an opportunity to share Disneyland with the kiddos and get some Mom time in, just for you, via the retreat.
  • (Recommended) You can buddy up with other women from the retreat and share a house + rideshare to the retreat each day together. This helps you connect more deeply with some of the other women AND save a good chunk of money. (This scenario will keep your total cost below $2,000 even if you buy the Disneyland Workshop too).
  • If you were to get a hotel room, attend the Disneyland workshop and pay for your meals and rideshares each day your cost would be over $2,000 for this trip.

+ I’ve tried things like this before, and they didn’t work for me. What makes this retreat any different?

Ah! I love this question… what were your expectations or motivations with these past retreats? This question begs me to lift up my bright red warning sign and warn you that this question is indicating you’ve probably placed more value on the external results you can see vs. the internal ones. Whenever we place more value on external results, it means we’re looking for quick fixes, but quick fixes won’t create lasting change and a quick fix is not the focus of this retreat.

We will be focused on the internal work that creates lasting change, and this retreat is kept very small and intimate on purpose so you can truly connect with the other women in attendance to get the personal attention you need.

+ I’m really afraid to show up, put myself out there and be vulnerable in front of others. I love what you’ve created, but I’m really scared this will all be too much for me. Any advice?

  • Are you anxious for change in your life? Because if so, what got you to where you are now, won’t get you to where you’re going. If you desire change, that means you’ve got to step up to the plate. Allow this to be your first Brave Fear action step and sign up today.

  • You are capable of more than you realize and I want you to know something very personal from me to you… I truly care about you. I know you can do hard things. I know that showing up vulnerable is really scary, but if every other person in the room is doing it too, what will truly feel vulnerable is not being vulnerable in those moments. (wink) That’s the magic of in-person events like this. You get to utilize the courage throughout the room, you get to lean on the courage of others to help boost your own, you get to experience first hand that you’re not alone in your feelings because someone else just expressed the same thing for you. You can do this Love. I meant what I said earlier, I really do believe in you. Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself.

+ I learn more from practical and actionable lessons, mindset and inspirational stuff just isn’t for me. Will you have practical and actionable lessons at this retreat?

  • Short answer, yes. But this won’t be our main focus.

  • More important answer: Whenever I hear people say that they want to learn the practical, tangible and actionable stuff - this is a big bright red flag to me. It’s indicating that you’ve placed more value on the external results you can see vs. the internal ones. Whenever we place more value on external results, it means we’re looking for quick fixes, but quick fixes won’t create lasting change.

+ Who should attend?

This event is strictly for women, however it is not required that you be a business owner to attend and there is no age restriction. We will be going over business specific topics, but the main theme of the event is on self-improvement and getting clear on what matters most to you.

+ What if I don’t know anyone?

  • My hope that when you leave The Brave Fear Retreat you will walk away knowing people you didn’t know before. I hope that you will make new lasting friendships and because of that, you will be leaving richer than when you arrived.

  • I will also have a pop-up Facebook group for attendees so you can get to know each other before the retreat and coordinate housing, travel, etc. together.

+ How do I get the most out of a retreat like this?

Come open minded and open hearted. You will get out of this retreat what you put into it, so bring your struggles, your worries, your fears...but don’t hold on to them - leave them at the retreat. Share them and unburden yourself. When you show up completely open to this experience, that’s how you will get the most out of it.

+ Do you have payment plan options?

  • Yes! When you click on the “Save My Spot” button, for your preferred experience option, you will be able to select the “payment plan” option on the registration page.

  • *Please note: Payment plans include an extra service fee charge. This is because it takes more work to manage a payment plan. By paying the entire amount up front, you will save $53.

+ What should I bring?

Bring yourself! Your comfy clothes (for floor sitting and moving). Bring your water bottle! Beverages will be provided, but be sure to keep yourself hydrated. Bring your favorite pen (I have a favorite pen in multiple colors...so I always bring mine along). Bring your open heart and mind. Bring your friendship. ;)

+ Will food and accommodations be provided?

  • For the 2-Day retreat package - Lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day will be provided. Lodging and transportation is not provided. I recommend sharing an AirBnB with a group of gals and taking an Uber or Lyft to and from the retreat.

  • For the 3-Day All Inclusive package - All of your meals are provided during the retreat. Lodging will be at the retreat house with me. Your Disneyland Workshop will include Breakfast and Lunch (dinner is on your own), Transportation credit will be provided to and from the airport and to Disneyland.

  • For the Disneyland Workshop - Lunch and your ticket Disneyland will be provided. Transportation and lodging are not included.

+ What accommodations do you recommend?

Once you sign up, I will provide a list of recommended accommodations. If you are looking to save money I highly recommend snagging a close by AirBnB and sharing the cost with some of the other attendees, and also carpooling together.

+ Are tickets refundable and transferable?

  • Tickets are not refundable, but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend. You will be responsible for the transfer and payment arrangements, plus you will need to alert myself and my team of who the new attendee will be and their information.

+ What’s the parking situation?

We will be meeting at a beautiful home in the city of Anaheim, which means parking is limited and restricted by the city. You will need to rideshare over to the retreat and back each day. I highly recommend sharing an Uber or Lyft with some of the other gals to cut costs. There will be a pop-up Facebook group just for you to connect and collaborate with the other attendees over these details.

I hope to see you soon!

Snag your spot now for The Brave Fear Retreat 2019!

It's time to Brave Fear!

I hope to see you soon.

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